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Our Canes are about more than just walking. We aim to give you the absolute most bang for your buck, so while you will definitely get a great walking aid, you'll also enjoy added functionality that will make your camping trip, hike, hunting expedition or festival experience more enjoyable. Take a look at the great options from Royal Canes. They have developed walking sticks and canes with a built-in hammock seat. Part way through a long hike you may find your legs tired and your back aching. Not only will these canes make the walk a little less stressful on your legs, but with a simple motion it will open up into a comfortable and stable seat. If you've hiked to the top of a trail and want to take in the view in a more relaxed position without sitting on the ground, one of these hammock canes is the PERFECT choice. If you're just looking for a classic walking stick to help navigate the trails, we have beautiful options available made of Rosewood. These canes look great and will help you get through those long walks with ease!