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Canon Memory Cards give you the storage you need when you're far from home and the images are piling up! If you like to shoot in bulk - by the hundreds or even thousands - then you'll need a Canon Storage Card to keep all those shots safe and secure until you can get them back home. Even if you're not the most prolific photographer, it never hurts to have a spare Canon Camera Card around - just in case! An extra Canon Card is the handiest thing in the world when you realize you've already filled up your camera card. Just change it out for your spare Canon Memory Card, and keep right on shooting! The alternative is to waste your time looking for a store to sell you another camera card - or worse yet, having to give up photographing for the day altogether, or waste precious daylight deleting old images from your Canon Camera one by one. Why chance it? Pick up an extra Canon Camera Card and always have shots to spare.