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twp-logoExplore exciting career opportunities at OpticsPlanet, Inc., a leading and award-winning ecommerce powerhouse.


Our business model has allowed us to grow at an average of 30% per year since inception in 2000; 93% over the last 3 years alone.


With a permanent role in the ERP area, you will be participating in the process of transforming the company’s business to a completely new level. Not only will you see how the fast growing business is handled by scalable business systems, you will also witness and drive how the best practices are implemented in the company financially, operationally and technologically. You will have the opportunity to leverage your industrial experience, project management skill and technology know-how to make a difference.

It is not only about successfully implementing an ERP project. It’s about sustaining and adapting improvement of the business to be ahead of the curve of the ever-changing business model and business environment.

Successful design, configuration, installation, and support of the technologies and interfaces for the ERP systems and continuous improvements are the objectives.

The ERP permanent roles form a unique structure that spans all departments of the company. The team has high accessibility, big visibility and enormous responsibility.

ERP is not just supporting systems. It’s the core part of the business itself. The team makes it happen.

There are no current positions available for this department