IT & Business Information Systems

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twp-logoExplore exciting career opportunities at OpticsPlanet, Inc., a leading and award-winning ecommerce powerhouse.


Our business model has allowed us to grow at an average of 30% per year since inception in 2000; 93% over the last 3 years alone.

IT & Business Information Systems

As a part of this team, you will be instrumental at helping the company meet its strategic business goals by providing management, technical and engineering support of all IT systems within the company.

You will be the bridge between the business and the technology by understanding the business needs and finding technological solutions – transcending the vast expanse from daily troubleshooting to designing and maintaining the complex architecture spanning multiple data centers, facilities and functions.

These Team Members work with the entire Company making the behind-the-scenes very visible and keeping the engines running smoothly. And of course, all the positions within this team require constant self-education on latest technological trends and possibilities and passion for the world of technology.

There are no current positions available for this department