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Software Development

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twp-logoExplore exciting career opportunities at OpticsPlanet, Inc., a leading and award-winning ecommerce powerhouse.


Our business model has allowed us to grow at an average of 30% per year since inception in 2000; 93% over the last 3 years alone.

Software Development

Software Development team is responsible for many different internal and external facing applications and we almost exclusively build for the benefit of our company: to improve sales, customer experience, internal tools, portals, and so on. This group of people works on a multitude of systems such as cutting edge internal custom content management system, our own fast web store platform capable of hosting millions of products, B2B portals for our vendors and partners, integration with 3rd party systems and APIs, as well as state of the art internal tools and automation that we use on a daily basis.

The human touch involves cultivation of an excellent balance between accountable productivity, flexible work schedule, independent initiative, and having a personal life. Individual talents shine through the practice of egoless programming where every bit of source is produced and reviewed in a team process. The team shares a belief that part of what makes work worthwhile and rewarding is doing the work together and that better results and a better environment happen naturally when working collaboratively.

Strong emphasis on cutting edge orientation manifests itself through continuous evaluation and adopting of new technologies, tools and techniques. Team members push themselves to follow and espouse best practices  - in terms of the engineering approaches applied (truly state of the art OOD with Patterns/DI/ORM, the works), the architecture (domain oriented) and the methods they follow (light-weight agile processes, continuous integration with an emphasis on good unit tests, code reviews and many others).

We are dedicated to being the kind of place where you will regularly get to see the direct outcome of what you do. At the end of a work day, you'll get to go home knowing why you did what you did and whom it helped, and why it has value.


Open Positions for this Department
Sr. Database Developer Sr Front End Developer Senior Software Engineer (PHP)