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Carlisle Economy Tgrip Green 60in. Paddle 0125139840
$14.89 $21.66 Save 31%
Model: Carlisle Economy Tgrip Green 60in. Paddle 0125139840
Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125139840
MPN: 0125139840
UPC: 726048139846
Carlisle Economy Tgrip Green 66in. Paddle 0125139850
Model: Carlisle Economy Tgrip Green 66in. Paddle 0125139850
Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125139850
MPN: 0125139850
UPC: 726048800227

Carlisle Economy Tgrip Paddle Product Info

Lightweight and durable, the Carlisle Economy Boat Paddle w/ T-Grip is the perfect all-purpose paddle. An 8" X 20" blade adds power to your stroke. The tempered-aluminum shaft on this Paddle from Carlisle has a 13" plastic grip for sure handling. The Blade and T-grip of the Carlisle T-Grip Economy Oar are molded of high impact polypropylene.

Carlisle 0125139840: Economy Tgrip Green 60" Paddle
Carlisle 0125139850: Economy Tgrip Green 66" Paddle

Package Contents:

  • Carlisle Economy Tgrip Paddle

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Carlisle Economy Tgrip Olive,Olive 54in. Paddle 0125150020, MPN: 0125150020, UPC: 726048150025, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125150020
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Carlisle Economy Tgrip White,Red 57in. Paddle 0125153430, MPN: 0125153430, UPC: 726048153439, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125153430
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Carlisle Economy Tgrip Red,Yellow 60in. Paddle 0125155440, MPN: 0125155440, UPC: 726048155440, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125155440
Carlisle Economy Tgrip Black,Black 54in. Paddle 0125158820, MPN: 0125158820, UPC: 726048158823, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125158820
Carlisle Economy Tgrip Black,Black 63in. Paddle 0125158850, MPN: 0125158850, UPC: 726048158854, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125158850
Carlisle Economy Tgrip Black,Black 57in. Paddle 0125158830, MPN: 0125158830, UPC: 726048158830, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125158830
Carlisle Economy Tgrip Black,Black 60in. Paddle 0125158840, MPN: 0125158840, UPC: 726048158847, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0125158840
Carlisle Economy Tgrip Black 60in. Paddle 0113322554, MPN: 0113322554, UPC: 759239120774, Code: GY-1H-E-TGRIP-0113322554

Carlisle Economy Tgrip Paddle Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Holy schmolly- good paddle by Legacy Reviewer, April 7, 2014
it was amazing the first stroke of the paddle in the water. It was as if i were in some sort of space craft blasting off to explore the vast celestial frontier. Thank you Carlisle paddle company, Thank you. Thank you so so very very much you made my ...
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