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Cass Creek Predator Hunting Kit
UPC: 751710502697

Cass Creek Predator Hunting Kit Product Info

The Cass Creek Predator Hunting Kit has all the scents and sounds you need to lure coyotes in close for the perfect shot. Whether you're a predator hunter or need to deal with an overly large or overly aggressive coyote population, the Cass Creek Predator Kit will get you the best results, and it's a great value - the combined package has an MSRP of $43. This kit, available exclusively from Optics Planet, includes:

  • Cass Creek Mini Coyote Squeaker - this electronic game call is small in size but big in stature, with over 200 yards of effective sound. The Cass Creek coyote call is user-friendly and built to last, and feature a handy compact design, one handed operation, four calls in one unit, ergonomic design, sure hold rubber grip and lanyard loop. Calls include:
    • Turkey Poult - Lost poults calling for adults
    • Rat Distress - Cornered rat making defensive sounds
    • Pup Whine - Domestic puppy whining and whimpering
    • Grouse Distress - Grouse sounding alarm while in danger
  • Harmon Scents Coyote Howler - just bite down on this game call and it sounds like a conventional rabbit in distress. Release the bite to make howls like a Coyote or even yelps. Coyotes will come running to their kind, and, if you make the rabbit sound, they will come in to that easy meal. Lanyard included.
  • Harmon Scent Wicks - saturate these long lasting really thick wicks with your lure attractant or cover scent and bring your prey in close for the perfect shot. Six (6) wicks included.
  • Harmon Synthetic Rabbit Pee - smells just like the real thing and makes the Coyotes come looking. Harmon Synthetic Rabbit Urine can be used as a cover scent in the woods or to train your hunting dogs too.

Features of Cass Creek Predator Hunting Kit:

  • Full range of sounds and smells designed to bring in elusive predators
  • Mini-Squeaker game call helps bring prey in closer for that perfect shot
  • Ideal for taking care of varmint problems

Package Contents:

  • Cass Creek Predator Hunting Lure Kit
  • Cass Creek Mini Coyote Squeaker
  • Harmon Scents Coyote Howler
  • Harmons Scent Wicks
  • Harmon Synthetic Rabbit Pee

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