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Product No Longer Available

Unfortunately Celestron 8" Fastar Lens Assembly - 94180 is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Telescope Accessories category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of Celestron Telescope Accessories has been discontinued and no longer available. Please, choose from a wide selection of other Celestron Telescope Accessories and Telescope Accessories by different brands on our site.

Celestron 8" Fastar Lens Assembly - 94180 Product Info

Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes have a primary light-gathering mirror that reflects light to a secondary mirror on the back of a glass correcting plate (at the front of the scope). This is shown on the left in the diagram below:

In Celestron NexStar 8" GPS Telescopes , Celestron Ultima 2000 Scopes, and some of Celestron C8 Telescopes this secondary mirror can be removed and replaced with Celestron Fastar Lens Assembly 94180.

For the ultimate in deep-sky imaging, Celestron Fastar Lens Assembly can be combined with any of Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron Fastar Compatible Telescopes (equipped with removable secondary mirrors) to achieve amazing f/1.95 (f/2.1 with the C14) wide-field images.

The key to taking full advantage of your Fastar Compatible Celestron 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope lies in Celestron 8" Fastar Lens Assembly 94180. When placed between Celestron 8" SCT (at prime focus) and a CCD Camera (SBIG CCD Cameras are highly recommended), compact Celestron Fastar Optical Lens provides an amazing .7 x .5 degree field of view (on a C8 @ f/1.95 that rivals that of a telescope using 35mm film).

With Celestron Fastar 's f/2 focus, your Celestron 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope can provide a field of view larger than CCD systems twice its chip size and costing thousands of dollars more. Objects like M33 and the Veil Nebula, which were previously too large for the narrow fields of view of most commercial CCD's, will easily be seen with Celestron Fastar System 94180.

Fastar Compatible Celestron C8 used at f/1.95 delivers a field of view 5 times wider than imaging at f/10 and requires exposure times that are 25 times shorter. No more spending valuable observing time trying to locate and frame deep-sky objects in a small field of view. Unguided track and accumulated images of 30 seconds or more capture deep sky objects in their full glory. With limiting magnitudes surpassing that of a Telescope twice its size used visually, your Celestron Telescope will be able to resolve stars as faint as 17th magnitude in only 10 seconds! Celestron Fastar Lens Assembly 94180 sets a new standard for amateur astronomers. It's like having a professional observatory in your own backyard!

Celestron Fastar Lens Assembly - 8" comes with the optical lens assembly, and protective holder for the secondary mirror while removed from Celestron C 8 Telescope . A rear cell counterweight to ensure proper balance when imaging at f/1.95 is also included with Celestron 8" Systems.

Specifications for Celestron 8" Fastar Lens Assembly:

   Standard 8" Cassegrain:  with Fastar 8" Lens Assembly:
Focal Length  













 (arc min)



 (arc min)


Package Contents:

  • Celestron Fastar Lens Assembly for 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes - 94180:
  • Optical Lens Assembly
  • Protective Holder for the secondary mirror

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