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Celestron telescopes are premium tools for observing the night sky, allowing you to explore our vast universe with high resolution and great clarity. Celestron manufactures telescopes for a variety of users and purposes, from the backyard hobbyist to the professional observatory astronomer. Whether you're looking for a simple refractor telescope or a sophisticated Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, there's a telescope by Celestron that will have you discovering the beauty of the cosmos with ease. All telescopes by Celestron feature high precision optics, while some feature expansive magnification ranges, motorized and computerized mounts that can precisely compensate for the rotation of the Earth and movement of the stars, and finderscopes to help you navigate the expanse of the night sky before homing in on a specific object of study. Some of these Celestron tele-scopes even come with software that will give you a guided tour of the night sky and allow you to point to some 40,000 deep space objects with the touch of a button. What's more, there are a huge number of Celestron telescope accessories designed to help you get the most from your Celestron astronomical telescope, including magnification-improving Barlow lenses and wireless mount interfaces for one touch adjustment capability. The night sky will become your laboratory when you purchase a Celestron telescope.

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Tom Johnson started Celestron by building a telescope for his sons because there wasn't a decent option on the market at a reasonable price. From this humble beginning Tom's hobby became a small business, and within a few short years the amateur astronomy world was rocked by his revolutionary telescope manufacturing process, which kept costs down while still providing top quality. The first of these revolutionary Celestron telescopes was the Celestron C8, versions of which are still sold today. A huge number of academic institutions have turned to Celestron over the years for their telescopes, as they are perfect for beginners and pros alike. Superior optics with the latest lens coatings, top quality but lightweight mechanical components, user friendly comfortable designs and extensive testing have all come together to make telescopes by Celestron some of the most popular and trusted choices for astronomers throughout the world.

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