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Coast Flashlights are designed from the ground up to give the highest light output and energy efficiency possible. Though Coast has been around for nearly a century, they continue to innovate with newer technology and intuitive uses for the tech found in other great flashlights. In 2011, Coast Flashlights received many upgrades. Their Pure Beam focusing technology helps you get more out of the same power output and energy consumption. This means you get a more light in a tighter beam without needing a more powerful bulb. The light is visible from greater distances, and the flood beam covers a larger area. As the Pure Beam Focus is so helpful for getting more out of the bulb, the Beam Lock is likewise a superb addition, as it locks in the level of focus you desire. No need to worry about the focus changing from jostling. Coast Flashlights run brighter and cooler than most of the competition, and with the constant upgrades applied to every new product, you can be sure you have one of the most advanced and capable flashlights on the market today!

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