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Cocoons Sunglasses give glasses users another option! When the sun comes out, no need to trade your usual glasses for a second pair of pricey prescription sunglasses. Just slip on a pair of Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses, and carry on! With a huge range of sizes and shapes, these sunglasses are available in models that will cover just about any shape of Rx glasses. Cocoons Fit-Over Sunglasses are fully polarized and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Just as important, Cocoons Sunglasses cover all sides of your field of view, protecting your eyes in a "cocoon" of filtered light - an important consideration in keeping your vision glare-free. Cocoons Sunglasses are available with a variety of frame colors, lense tints, and styles to suit anyone's tastes. With the custom Cocoons Flex2Fit temples, they can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit every time, making them great for extended all-day wear. With polarized lenses, 360-degree UV protection, and a comfortable, customizable fit, Cocoons Sunglasses are an easy choice for over-the-glasses eyewear.

You can check right here if your glasses will fit properly beneath a pair of Cocoons Sunglasses. Simply print out the sizing chart linked above. NOTE, the sizing guide MUST be printed at 100% actual size - your printer preferences should have the scaling option turned off. Use the image of the US quarter on the sizing guide to verify it printed at 100%. If your glasses fit inside the red guidelines on the printed PDF, then you can wear that size. If the width or height of your glasses extends outside of the red box, then you will need to try the next larger size of Cocoons Fit-Over Sunglasses.

For another great over-Rx option, take a look at the line of Cocoons Clip-Ons!