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While they may seem old-fashioned, compasses are still widely used today because they are a tried-and-true method of keeping yourself going in the right direction. While cutting edge GPS devices are all the rage today, there are places where you can't get a signal, but a magnetic compass points you in the right direction whether you're deep in the woods or far out to sea. For a higher tech option we also have digital compasses that provide a greater level of precision and, in some cases, additional details such as temperature and elevation! If you are planning a hiking expedition, a portable compass that is extra durable is best, but for boating adventures you'll want a waterproof compass with a strong mount. Keep in mind that all orders over $49 receive free shipping and if you have any questions our dedicated product specialists are here to help!

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While many people today think of compasses as inexact, certain compasses, such as those with a sighting mirror, will enable you to get an exact bearing. Compasses with a sighting mirror allow you to see both the compass dial and your target at the same time. This is a fantastic low tech way to see precisely where you are and where you're going. Additionally, because of their low tech nature, compasses are more economical than GPS devices, and you can use that extra cash to buy other gear needed for your hunting trip, like a new riflescope or carrying bag.

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