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CounterSniper Optics rifle scope mounts, rings, and bases are designed to give you a stable base for your high-performance riflescope. Mounts, rings, and bases are integral to the performance of any riflescope, no matter how well-made or high quality it is; if your scope is constantly shifting and moving, there's no way you can maintain an accurate zero from shot to shot, which means you'll be less likely to hit your desired target. Even with a state of the art CounterSniper rifle scope, you won't do very well without one of these tough, reliable Counter Sniper scope rings and bases. CounterSniper Optics Corp. has built each of these rings to give you repeatable accuracy with your rifle scope on virtually any weapon, in any situation. Whether you use Picatinny or Weaver rails, are constantly switching out optics or stay with your one, tried and true scope at all times, there's a Counter-Sniper Optics riflescope ring that will suit your needs.