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D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1826-5217 - Black
Frame Color: Black
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1826-5217
MPN: DD1205-1826-52
UPC: 679420409436
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 502-5017 - Havana
Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Frame Color: Havana
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-502-5017
MPN: DD1205-502-50
UPC: 679420409429
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1674-5017 - Violet Gradient Frame
Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Frame Color: Violet Gradient
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1674-5017
MPN: DD1205-1674-50
UPC: 679420464138
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1826-5017 - Black
Frame Color: Black
Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1826-5017
MPN: DD1205-1826-50
UPC: 679420409443
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1675-5017 - Brown Gradient Frame
Frame Color: Brown Gradient
Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1675-5017
MPN: DD1205-1675-50
UPC: 679420464152
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1674-5217 - Violet Gradient Frame
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Violet Gradient
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1674-5217
MPN: DD1205-1674-52
UPC: 679420464121
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1675-5217 - Brown Gradient Frame
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Brown Gradient
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1675-5217
MPN: DD1205-1675-52
UPC: 679420464145
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 501-5217 - Black
Frame Color: Black
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Code: DD-EG-DD1205-501-5217
MPN: DD1205-501-52
UPC: 679420409399

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D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames Product Info

Introduced to keep your eyes happy and healthy all day long, the D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames is the most suitable way for you to be fashionable and keep your eyes comfy. Built utilizing amazingly durable materials, this pair of Eyeglass Frames through the authorities at D&G is absolutely certain to be a long lasting and efficient remedy for your sight. At OpticsPlanet, we are here to assist you in acquiring the ideal pair of Eyeglass Frames for your desires, and the D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames is amongst the many products which we are pleased to provide our clients. The perfect pair of eyeglasses will certainly go beyond any sort of societal setting, and the D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames is the supreme way to get this skill. For a great approach to make sure that you have an incredible looking pair of eye glasses that will fit into almost any situation, select the D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames.

D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames Description:

  • D&G DD1205 Frame Material: ACETATE
  • D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames Lens Diameter: 50 mm / 52 mm
  • DD1205 Distance Between Lenses: 17 mm
  • Gender: WOMAN

Package Contents:

  • New Authentic D&G DD 1205 frame with non-Rx sample lens
  • Matching white case for D&G eyeglasses
  • Cleaning cloth with D&G logo

D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames Unorderable Models

D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 2572-5017 - Gray Gradient Frame, MPN: DD1205-2572-50, UPC: 679420509259, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-2572-5017
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1837-5217 - Transparent Light Brow , MPN: DD1205-1837-52, UPC: 679420409474, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1837-5217
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 2574-5217 - Dark Steel Frame, MPN: DD1205-2574-52, UPC: 679420509280, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-2574-5217
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 2572-5217 - Gray Gradient Frame, MPN: DD1205-2572-52, UPC: 679420509242, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-2572-5217
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 1837-5017 - Transparent Light Brow , MPN: DD1205-1837-50, UPC: 679420409481, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-1837-5017
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 2574-5017 - Dark Steel Frame, MPN: DD1205-2574-50, UPC: 679420509297, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-2574-5017
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 501-5017 - Black , MPN: DD1205-501-50, UPC: 679420409405, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-501-5017
D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames 502-5217 - Havana , MPN: DD1205-502-52, UPC: 679420409412, Code: DD-EG-DD1205-502-5217

D&G DD1205 Eyeglass Frames Comments