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Product No Longer Available

Unfortunately Decatur Genesis VersaPak Cordless Handheld Police Radar Gun GVP w/ K-Band Antenna is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet.

This model of Decatur Police Radar Guns is discontinued and no longer available. Please take a look at our other models of Decatur Police Radar Guns, and other brands of Radar Guns on our site.

Decatur Genesis VersaPak Cordless Handheld Police Radar Gun GVP w/ K-Band Antenna Product Info

Decatur Genesis VersaPak Cordless Police Radar Gun GVP w/ K-Band Antenna gives you built-in quality, convenience, and top performance. Powered by two Black & Decker VersaPak rechargeable batteries, Decatur Genesis-VP Stationary Radar Gun gives you hours of performance on a single charge. Decatur Genesis VP Traffic Safety Radar Gun is ideal for motorcycles! Decatur GVP Traffic Safety Radar Gun features excellent distance range, quick target acquisition, and pinpoint accuracy.

Decatur Genesis VP Stationary Police Radar Gun is set-up to be used right out of the box. If you wish you can easily adjust sensitivity (distance range), squelch, audio volume, and back lighting using the "menu" and "select" buttons. To track the faster target, just press the FAST button. For years Police Radar Guns could display only the speed of the vehicle returning the strongest signal. Now the Genesis-VP by Decatur lets you track and lock the speed of the vehicle with the strongest signal return or the speed of the faster moving vehicle.

Decatur Genesis VP Police Radar Gun GVP takes advantage of Black & Decker's extensive experience in designing products that fit the operators hand for comfortable use. Decatur Genesis-VP Stationary Radar has achieved the optimal weight to at once be light and be superbly balanced. The balance and feel of Decatur Genesis-VP Police Radar Gun GVP is superb! The handle, which is modeled after Black & Decker power drills, Decatur Genesis VP Cordless Police Radar Gun is made of high strength ABS plastic and uses a reliable locking device to hold the batteries securely in place.

Decatur Genesis VP Wireless Handheld Radar Gun redefines cordless convenience. The VersaPak batteries are widely available off-the-shelf, from most retailers and are inexpensive due to their wide use. They easily and securely lock into the Decatur GVP Radar handle, and release quickly for exchange of a fresh set of batteries. These rechargeable / interchangeable Ni-Cad batteries are the same ones used in many of Black & Decker's power tools, household products and lawn and garden products. They are easy to use and last for hundreds of charges. Best of all, they are inexpensive and usually available locally.

Decatur Genesis-VP Traffic Safety Radar Gun incorporates the latest technology for enhanced performance. 32-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the fastest in the industry, provides instant target acquisition. Decatur uses this enhanced capacity to track several targets simultaneously, allowing you to display the next strongest target going faster than the strongest, at the touch of a button. state-of-the-art Silver Ring K-Band antenna is machined out of a single block of aluminum. This powerful combination of processing power and microwave technology delivers excellent sensitivity, allowing the user up to two miles in operational range. With the optional communications package, Decatur Hand Held Police Radar Gun GVP can interface with display signs, video and computer systems.

The user controls the features Genesis VP Decatur Police Radar with the touch of a button: operational range, audio volume, squelch and backlighting. Other software options are available for Decatur GVP Radar to meet individual expectations: automatic self-test, continuous transmit, and more. In upright usage, Decatur GVP Genesis-VP Traffic Radar Gun is safe from rain. The speaker hole is sealed with Gore Electronic Vent, the keypad by a formed in place gasket, and O-rings seal the microwave head and face plate, protecting the computer unit from intrusion or water.

Decatur Genesis-VP Police Radar Gun is designed for compliance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Michigan Task Force (MTF), International Robustness Standard IEC529:1989 and European Community Standard EN 60529 Classification IP54 (for immunity from damage by solid protrusions and water).

Decatur 's commitment to customer service begins during design. Market research indicated the need for a Handheld Radar of unparalleled convenience and performance. With the Genesis-VP, Decatur delivers. Decatur top that with their industry leading service; 2-year warranty, 2-day factory turnaround guarantee, and our Maintenance Plus plan. Add to that the trusted name of Black & Decker and the familiar VersaPak Battery System (VersaPak is a trademark of the Black & Decker Company) and you have unparalleled value. From the ABS plastic handle to the steel housing, Decatur Genesis Versa Pak (GVP) Police/ Law Enforcement Radar Gun is tough and proven through torture testing to provide many years of faithful service.

Decatur also offers Decatur Genesis VersaPak Directional Radar Handheld Cordless Police Radar Gun GVP-D w/ K-Band Directional Antenna. Decatur Genesis-VP Directional Stationary Radar Gun allows you to isolate traffic in one direction and to use it in automatic same lane operation. Direction selectivity has always been a feature of moving radars. As you know, in moving-mode (opposite direction), the radar only shows the speed of on-coming traffic. Similarly, same-direction moving mode only shows vehicles travelling in the same direction as the patrol car. Now, Decatur expands this direction selectivity to stationary radar gun. Unlike previous hand held radar guns, with Decatur Genesis VP Directional GVPD Direction Sensing Radar Gun the operator can selectively monitor traffic coming toward, moving away, or both directions simultaneously.

Decatur Genesis VersaPak Directional Police Radar Gun GVP-D includes all the great features of Decatur Genesis VersaPak GVP Radar AND:

  • K-Band Directional Antenna
  • Displays Approaching or Receding Targets, or Both

Both Decatur Genesis-VP Radar Gun and Decatur Genesis-VP Directional Radar Gun can be mounted on a tripod.

Specifications for Decatur Genesis-VP Cordless Stationary Radar GVP:

Signal Processing:   32-bit Digital Signal Processing. Speeds are computed and verified 100 times per second
Accuracy:   +/1 MPH ( +/-1 KPH)
Speed Range:   15 MPH to 210 MPH 24 KPH to 337 KPH
Mechanical:   Weight: 2.3 lb (1.04 kg)

 Length: 7 in (17.78 cm)

 Height: 7 in (17.78 cm)

 Width: 3-1/4 in (8.25 cm)

Beam Width:   12 degrees nominal
Power Output:   5 mW minimal

 7 mW nominal

 10 mW maximum

Features of Decatur Genesis-VP Wireless Police Radar Gun:

  • Cordless Stationary Radar
  • Black & Decker VersaPak Battery System
  • 32-Bit DSP for Fast Target Acquisition
  • Displays Target and Locked Readings
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display with Backlit Keypad
  • Track-Through-Lock
  • K-Band Frequency
  • Units of measure are MPH (miles per hour)
  • Decatur Two-Year Full Warranty

Package Contents:

  • Decatur Genesis-VP Cordless Handheld Police Radar Gun GVP w/ K-Band Antenna
  • Communication port (not active)
  • Stationary operational mode software
  • 2-port charger and 2 batteries
  • 77.6 & 33.2 MPH (miles per hour) test forks set
  • Operator's Manual
  • Radar Certification Document

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