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Product No Longer Available

Unfortunately Decatur SpeedTrak Radar System - Law Enforcement / Police In Car Moving Radar is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet.

This model of Decatur Police Radar Guns is discontinued and no longer available. Please take a look at our other models of Decatur Police Radar Guns, and other brands of Radar Guns on our site.

Decatur SpeedTrak Radar System - Law Enforcement / Police In Car Moving Radar Product Info

Decatur SpeedTrak Radar is the newest and the most advanced Police / Law Enforcement Moving In Car Radar System available on the market today. Decatur Speed Trak Police Radar Gun System is the newest incarnation of Decatur's famous Decatur Genesis I and Decatur Genesis II Police Radars, but this new Police Radar version is more officer friendly, easier to use and has all of the police radar gun features already pre-loaded at no additional cost. Both Decatur Genesis II Police Radar and Decatur Speed Track Traffic Radar offer a choice of antennas: K-Band, Ka-Band, K-Band Directional antennas in Single or Dual Antenna Configurations. However, unlike the older units or radar guns offered by other manufacturer's, the latest version of Decatur Speed Trak 's antennas have traffic radar control software loaded in the antennas themselves, so, if a police department ever needs to change, add, or switch one antenna to another in their patrol cars (for example, switch K-Band antenna to Ka-Band, or K-band DIRECTIONAL), the only thing a police officer needs to do is to reconnect a new/ additional antenna to the in car Decatur Speed Trak Radar unit - it takes just a minute! You do not have to send the whole unit back to the manufacture in order to change pre-loaded software from one antenna's type to another - add or change a new radar antenna any time you wish and your Decatur Speed Trak Police Radar Gun is ready to use without disconnecting or rewiring your patrol car.

Decatur SpeedTrak Police Radar includes Decatur VIP Vehicle Interface Portal plug-n-play technology and easy-to-read multi-color LED speed display, as well as the computer controller unit, the display unit, a remote hand controller, Decatur 's SI3 antenna system and all of the mounting, power and calibrating hardware to complete the package. Decatur Electronics VIP cures shadowing and batching. Decatur Speed Trak Law Inforcement Moving In Car Radar System also features real Doppler audio, choice/ combination of Ka, K-directional or K-band Radar Antennas, a detachable backlit remote control and a two year warranty. Decatur Speed Track Police Radar is fully field upgradeable for convenience and includes a sun shade to shield the display from glare.

SpeedTrak Traffic Radar by Decatur is the only Police Radar that combine all of these user-friendly, performance, packed features into a small, compact, feather-weight "mount anywhere" system. Decatur Speedtrak Radar System has been designed utilizing all of the latest state of the art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. With the continuous rapid changes in electronics, components keep getting smaller and more powerful. Decatur has utilized this new technology to design the best Law Enforcement/ Police Moving Radar available in the smallest package. By designing Speed-Track Decatur Radar with the latest technology, law enforcement input and 30 years of experience Speed Trak Police Radar System by Decatur is the "Radar of Choice". Law officers will find Decatur SpeedTrak In Car Radar System to be one of the most user-friendly and highest performing police radars ever manufactured. Decatur SpeedTrack Police Radar Gun offers unparalleled versatility and technology advantages while allowing for future upgrades at low cost.

Advantages of Decatur Speedtrak Police Radar - the newest incarnation of Decatur Genesis Police Radars:

  • Officer Friendly
  • Easier to Use
  • Double the Features
  • Includes All Software that has been approved by the CCP
  • Traffic Radar Control Software Loaded in the Antennas Themselves
  • Wire Remote Control is Officer Friendly
  • Multi Color Display
  • Cost Effective

Decatur SpeedTrak Radar System was designed with all the features you want in one of the Smallest, most Versatile, Easy-To-Use Radar ever offered. Decatur has served the public safety sector for more than 50 years and was the first manufacturer of law enforcement radars. Decatur also manufactures sports radar guns, industrial applications and OEM products for companies including Harley-DavidsonTM, PolarisTM and JugsTM as well as the Gemini line of in-car digital and digital tape video systems and the OnSite line of radar and message trailers.

Decatur SpeedTrak Police Radar System offers:

Selectable Direction Tracking: Select your Direction of interest when operating in stationary mode. Only monitor targets coming toward the Patrol vehicle or going away from the Patrol vehicle or choose to track both directions and let Decatur Speedtrak Radar tell you which direction the vehicle is going and which direction it is tracking.

Same Direction Tracking: Decatur Speed Trak In Car Police Radar allows to track vehicles from behind or in front of the Patrol vehicle going the same direction while the Patrol vehicle is moving. Fast Speed Tracking: Track both the strongest and the next faster vehicle at the same time, both in the moving and stationary mode of operation. Excellent tracking history. Track the sports car passing the 18-Wheeler.

Multi-Color Windows Display: Decatur Speedtrack Police Radar 's multi-color windows display allows easy separation and recognition of Patrol, Target and Fast/Lock Targets. Graphical display window of Decatur Speed Trak Radar allows you to easily see mode of operation. Using Selective Direction Antenna the corresponding window shows the direction of the vehicle it is tracking.

Waterproof Antennas: The state-of-the-art K-Band and Ka-Band Antennas use horns that are precision machined from a solid block of aluminum. An O-ring seal keeps everything dry. This ensures Decatur Speed Trak Radar will perform well when mounted outside the vehicle.

Selectable K Direction, Ka, or K-Band Antennas: Selectable Radar Antennas are all interchangeable with the same Decatur Speed Trak computer unit. Your choice of single or dual operation. Selectable Direction Antenna (K-Band Directional) gives you the ability to select and track "only" vehicles coming towards or going away from you in the stationary mode. Normal stationary operation is also available, but when in this mode with the selectable direction antenna Decatur Speedtrak Police Moving Radar indicates in the graphical display window if it is tracking the vehicle coming towards "T" or going away "A" from the radar unit. This greatly enhances target identification. Ka-Band Antenna is one of the smallest and lightest in the industry, but strong enough to withstand the rugged use. Ka-Band radar antenna is designed for High Performance, Long Range, Quick Target Acquisition, and Easy Mounting options. K-Band Antenna offers High Performance, Long Range and Small Durable design make this radar antenna excellent for all types of usages and traffic situations. Perfect for the budget minded departments.

Detachable Backlit Remote Control: All the controls in the palm of your hand with the small "fits your hand" remote control. Decatur Speedtrack Radar 's remote control always backlit for easy nighttime operation, daytime operation not affected by direct sunlight. Speed Trak Remote 's control has color coded and individual shaped buttons for easy use. The easy to remove detachable cable eliminates the common problems of the sun blocking out the signal of an infrared remote, the fear of losing your remote or having to replace batteries. Audio Speaker in remote gives you clear, clean and loud Doppler Audio. The quick disconnect connector allows you to easily remove your radar remote control for ease of service or installation. Audio Mute Mode allows the operator to mute his audio without having to turn it down. Great if you receive a radio call, etc.

Long Range & Fast Target Acquisition: Utilizing the latest DSP Technology allows you to detect Speeders before they detect you.

Field Upgradable: New flash card technology allows you to always have the latest features and newest technology by simply updating your Decatur Speed Trak Police Radar. Real Doppler Audio: Doppler Audio pitch does not vary with changes in the patrol speed. Audio is clear, static free and adjustable to be heard even on motorcycles. Stopwatch Mode: Time/Distance Speed clocking for areas where radar cannot be utilized.

Decatur SpeedTrak Moving Radar System unit:

Latching quick-disconnect connectors on both ends of cables allow easy installation and serviceability. The RS-232 port allows your Decatur Speed-Track Police Radar to be interfaced with video systems, computers, etc. Simple pull apart design allows you to easily separate your computer from the display (no tools required). Offers unlimited mounting flexibility in all types of vehicles. Allows easy mounting on motorcycles. By utilizing surface mount technology the computer controller contains only a single PC board. The powerful 32-bit microprocessor combined with DSP software features result in fewer components, better reliability and quicker service.

Decatur Speed Trak Police/ Law Enforcement Traffic Radar Multi-Color Windows Display:

  1. Target Speed Window: Displays speed of target vehicle.
  2. Lock/Fast Speed Window: Displays either the locked vehicle speed or fast speed.
  3. Patrol Speed Window: Displays speed of patrol vehicle.
  4. Menu Window: Alphanumeric/graphical message display.
  5. MOV Icon: Indicates when in moving mode.
  6. STA Icon: Indicates when in stationary mode.
  7. FRONT Icon: Indicates when using front antenna.
  8. REAR Icon: Indicates when using rear antenna.
  9. FAST Icon: Indicates when using Fast mode or when in faster same direction mode.
  10. SAME Icon: Indicates when using same lane.
  11. SLOW Icon: Indicates when slow same direction mode.
  12. Photo Cell: Senses ambient light and adjusts display.
  13. Power Button: Turns unit on/off.

Decatur Speed Trak Traffic Police Radar Remote Control:

  1. FRONT Antenna: Activates front antenna, front antenna icon will light. Alternate mode scrolls forward through menu.
  2. REAR Antenna: Activates rear antenna, rear antenna icon will light. Alternate mode scrolls backward through menu.
  3. SAME/OPP: Alternates between same direction moving mode and opposite direction moving mode.
  4. MOV/STA: Toggles between moving opposite, stationary and same direction modes.
  5. VOL/SQL: Sets audio volume from 0-8, with 0 being off and 8 the loudest setting.
  6. TEST/MENU: Activates the internal tests. Hold down 3 seconds to enter the menu mode.
  7. XMIT/HOLD: Activates/deactivates the transmitted signal of the selected antenna.
  8. LOCK/RELEASE: Locks target reading into target window while continuing to monitor target and patrol speeds.
  9. FAST/SLO: Toggles fast mode on/off in opposite mode. Toggles between fast/slow mode in same direction.
  10. TWN/HWY: Town - sets patrol low speed to 5mph. Highway - sets patrol low speed to 20mph.
  11. RANGE: Sets the range sensitivity from 0-5, with 0 the lowest setting and 5 the farthest range setting.
  12. DIM/PB: Adjusts the brightness control of the display. PB - patrol speed blanking clears locked patrol speed.

Features of Decatur Speed Trak Police/ Law Enforcement Car Radar System:

  • The Newest incarnation of Decatur's famous Decatur Genesis I and Decatur Genesis II Police Radars
  • All Features Already Pre-Loaded at NO Additional Cost
  • Traffic Radar Control Software Loaded in the Antennas Themselves
  • Selectable Direction Tracking
  • Same Direction Tracking
  • Faster Speed Tracking
  • Stopwatch Mode
  • Multi-Color Speed Display Windows
  • Selectable Direction, Ka, or K-Band Antennas in Single or Dual Antenna Configurations
  • All Antennas are Waterproof
  • Graphical Display Window
  • Detachable Backlit Remote Control
  • Long Range & Fast Target Acquisition
  • Field Upgradable
  • Real Doppler Audio
  • Listed on the IACP CPL
  • 2-Years Factory Warranty

Package Contents:

  • Decatur Speed Trak Moving Radar System - Law Enforcement/ Police Traffic Radar:
    • SpeedTrak Radar Computer Unit
    • Speed Trak Multi-Color LED Detachable Display
    • Choice of, or combination of, Silver Ring K-band, K-band Directional and/or Ka-band Antennas
    • Selectable Direction Tracking, Same Direction Tracking, Faster Speed Tracking, Stopwatch Mode Software
    • G2 Display To Computer Cable Detachable Kit
    • Decatur V.I.P Vehicle Interface Portal
    • Detachable Backlit Hand Remote Control
    • Antenna(s) Cable(s) (for front and/or rear radar antennas)
    • Antenna(s) Mount Bracket(s) (Front Antenna Desk Mount and/or Rear Antenna Visor Mount Bracket)
    • Tuning Fork(s)
    • 12" Hook & Loop Fastener Strap w/ Adhesive Backing

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