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We have a large selection of decoys on sale to make your hunting season more exciting. Lure in the flock with high quality designs from Final Approach, Primos, A-Way Outdoors and more! Most beginning hunters, and let's face it - even the experienced hunters, may ask themselves, "What makes a good decoy."

Waterfowl Hunting Decoys - Ducks, Geese, and Others

A duck flying at 30-40 mph from a few dozen feet up has to be able to see your hunting decoy flock in the field and believe that it is of their own kind. Therefore, the number of the decoys and positioning of them on the field, combined with your game calls make the biggest impact. Then, the quality of the color and the natural positioning of your waterfowl duck or goose hunting decoy will lure in the birds to get within shooting range. Final Approach decoys are wonderful for waterfowl hunting birds such as ducks and geese.

Turkey Hunting Decoys

When picking out your turkey decoy, be careful to choose one that makes you believe that it is a turkey. Turkeys are a smart game bird, and patience is key. You do not want to intimidate the target, so it will come within the shooting distance. You also want that gobbler to be concentrated on the turkey decoy, and not you. Setting up your decoy is upwind from you and that you are well camouflaged not to be a distraction and a scare factor for the easily spooked birds. Check out realistic turkey hunting decoy selection and get the one that will put the meat on the table!

Predator Decoys

Predators are smart animals and can sense you a long distance away. You have to take into consideration not only the wind and the weather factors, as well as visibility, but also how well will your predator decoy focus the predator on the decoy and not you. Cass Creek predator decoys, for example, provide very realistic predator decoys that keep the animal focused on the possible prey, and not the hunter taking aim at their vitals. Browse through our selection of decoys and find the one that will make the hunter be the hunted.


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