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The Safe-Keeper is built from premium leather and is equipped with a tension device. This holster allows the pistol to be safely secured using a padlock or handcuffs without removing it from the holster. It can be readily snapped on and off without removing the waist belt. It's detailed molding, integral rear sight protector (saves jacket lining), and asymmetrical design, make this holster ideal for concealment. Solid brass lock, #T72 is available for purchase.

Features of DeSantis Safe Keeper - Style 010:

  • Available with a Black or Tan unlined leather
  • Adjustable belt loops accommodate belts 1 1/2 inch or 1 3/4 inch wide
  • Accommodates most combination locks and handcuffs
DeSantis Style 010DeSantis Style 010
Item Number Description UPC Gun Fit
Desantis 010BAB6Z0Desantis Right Hand - Black - Safe Keeper792695269151
GLOCK - 19, 23, 32.
Desantis 010BBB6Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - Safe Keeper792695269168
Desantis 010TAB6Z0Desantis Right Hand - Tan - Safe Keeper792695269175
Desantis 010TBB6Z0Desantis Left Hand - Tan - Safe Keeper792695269182
Desantis 010BAB3Z0Desantis Right Hand - Black - Safe Keeper792695268239
SIG SAUER - P228; P225.
Desantis 010BBB3Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - Safe Keeper792695268246
Desantis 010TAB3Z0Desantis Right Hand - Tan - Safe Keeper792695268253
Desantis 010TBB3Z0Desantis Left Hand - Tan - Safe Keeper792695268260
Desantis 010BAC7Z0Desantis Right Hand - Black - Safe Keeper792695268277
Desantis 010BBC7Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - Safe Keeper792695268284
Desantis 010TAC7Z0Desantis Right Hand - Tan - Safe Keeper792695268291
Desantis 010TBC7Z0Desantis Left Hand - Tan - Safe Keeper792695268307

DeSantis Style 010

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