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The D95 is an IWB/Tuck-able holster that is fully adjustable for cant. Two screws allow the user to adjust the holster for strong side or cross draw and everywhere in between. It is built from thermo formed Kydex sheet and custom formed for specific weapons. The specially made steel J-hook allows for total discrete carry without the need for blousing the shirt. Only a tiny 1/4" x 1" tab will show at the bottom of the user's belt, so it completely defies the closest visual inspection.

Features of DeSantis CG Investigator - Style D95:

  • Available in Black Kydex
  • Accommodates belts up to 1 3/4" wide
DeSantis Style D95DeSantis Style D95
Item Number Description UPC Gun Fit
Desantis D95KAB2Z0Desantis RIght Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297505
GLOCK - 17, 22, 31.
Desantis D95KBB2Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297512
Desantis D95KAB6Z0Desantis RIght Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297529
GLOCK - 19, 23, 32.
Desantis D95KBB6Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297536
Desantis D95KAF3Z0Desantis RIght Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297543
H&K - USP COMPACT 9mm/40cal, P2000.
Desantis D95KBF3Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297550
Desantis D95KAM5Z0Desantis RIght Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297581
Desantis D95KBM5Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695297598
Desantis D95KAE3Z0Desantis RIght Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695279044
SIG SAUER - P239; P239.
Desantis D95KBE3Z0Desantis Left Hand - Black - CG Investigator792695279051

DeSantis Style D95

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