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This is Not a cell phone case! It is a cell phone Holster! Keep your phone secure at your hip until you require it. The holster stays fastened to your belt with the very same clip used on Desantis popular line of Law Enforcement equipment. Along with the durable spring steel clip, the E-Z Draw is made from padded-ballistic nylon for years of dependable service. Available for most popular cell phones.

Features of DeSantis E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster - Style N13:

  • Available in Black
  • Spring steel clip on back accommodates belts up to 1 3/4 inch wide
  • Velcro flap
DeSantis Style N13DeSantis Style N13
Item Number Description UPC Accommodates
Desantis N13BJ12Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952542873.5" x 2" x 1" MOTOROLA A388, T193M, T720, T720I, V60, V60I, 860, V66, V70, V551, V265, V710, V276, I830, E815, I670 SAMSUNG A310, SCH I500; NOKIA: 6215I LG VX4600, VX6000, VX6100, VX4250 AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJ13Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952593673.5" x 2" x 1.75" MOTOROLA I95, I95CL NEXTEL I530 LG VX4400 AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJG1Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952385223.5-4" x 2" x 1.5" ERICSON T20E, T20S, T28W, 3560 MOTOROLA A009, V200, 8160, 8162, I730 NEXTEL I60C, I90C AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJ15Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952697554" x 2.1" x .54" MOTOROLA RAZR V3, V3C, V3I, MAXX VE
Desantis N13BJG8Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952415534-4.5" x 2" x .5-.75" ERICSON T39M SAMSUNG: R225 NOKIA 8210, 8260, 8290, 8600, 8810, 8850, 8890, 1260 AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJ14Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952615064.65-5" x 2" x 1" NOKIA: 6560,3520,3500,3395,3390,3361,3360, 3100, 2285, 2270, 2260, 6200, 5100, 3595, 3590, 3589I 3588I, 3586I, 3585I, 3585, 3570, 3560, 3587 MOTOROLA: T300P AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJ16Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952713144.7" x 2.3" x .90" BLACKBERRY 7100, 7105, 7130 PALM TREO 700W
Desantis N13BJG3Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952385464.75-5.5" x 2" x 1.5" ERICSON AF738, A3618S, KF788 MOTOROLA 120C, 120E, 120T KYOCERA: 2255 NEXTEL I1000, I1000+ NOKIA 3310, 3330, 7160, 3360 SAMSUNG 2000, 3500 AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJG2Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952401125.5-6" x 2" x 1" ERICSON R300LX NOKIA 5100, 5160, 6100, 6140, 6160 MOTOROLA VOICESTREAM AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJG4Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster7926952385535.75-6.25" x 2" x 1.5" AT&T 6650 MOTOROLA MICROTAC, M70A NEXTEL 390,690 NOKIA 6250 QCP 820 QUALCOMM 1920, 2700 TOUCHPOINT AND SIMILAR
Desantis N13BJ17Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster792695277798
Desantis N13BJ18Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster792695294610APPLE IPHONE, IPHONE 3G
Desantis N13BJ11Z4Desantis Black - E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone Holster792695253853MOTOROLA TALKABOUT AND SIMILAR
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