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DragonEye Speed Lidar Radar Gun is not available yet, but it is coming to our store soon! If you are looking for something you can receive sooner, please consider the replacements selected by our product experts below, or explore other items in the Radar Guns category.

DragonEye Speed Lidar Radar Gun Product Info

The DragonEye Speed Lidar Vehicle Radar Gun gives you superior target acquisition and range performance. This radar gun manufactured by the experts at DragonEye features 4-point rubber cushioning and a robust, waterproof mechanical design. The DragonEye Speed Lidar Radar Gun stays on target with its Obstruction Mode and ECCM anti-jamming. With the DragonEye Speed Lidar Waterproof Radar Gun you won't go wrong in long range operation for the right read.

Features of DragonEye Speed Lidar Waterproof Radar Gun:

  • Superior vehicle acquisition and tracking algorithms for fast, long range operation
  • Rugged, shock resistant construction retains alignment when other Lidars fail
  • Lightweight and extremely well balanced with comfortable grip
  • Operates on two standard or rechargeable "C" cell batteries
  • Advanced anti-jamming allows speed readings when other units are disabled
  • Obstruction mode allows targeting though tree limbs, wires and fences
  • Previous Speeds menu allows logging and recall of locked speeds

Package Contents:

  • DragonEye Speed Lidar Vehicle Radar Gun

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DragonEye Speed Lidar Canada Dragoneye-S850-10ca, MPN: Dragoneye-S850-10ca, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-S850-10ca
DragonEye Speed Lidar Euro KPH Dragoneye-S850-10eurokph, MPN: Dragoneye-S850-10eurokph, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-S850-10eurokph
DragonEye Speed Lidar Australia Dragoneye-S850-10au, MPN: Dragoneye-S850-10au, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-S850-10au
DragonEye Speed Lidar Euro MPH Dragoneye-S850-10euromph, MPN: Dragoneye-S850-10euromph, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-S850-10euromph
DragonEye Speed Lidar Florida Dragoneye-S850-10fl, MPN: Dragoneye-S850-10fl, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-S850-10fl
DragonEye Speed Lidar US Dragoneye-S850-10us, MPN: Dragoneye-S850-10us, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-S850-10us
DragonEye Speed Lidar Vietnam Dragoneye-S850-10vn, MPN: Dragoneye-S850-10vn, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-S850-10vn
DragonEye Speed Lidar Spanish Dragoneye-s850-10sp, MPN: Dragoneye-s850-10sp, Code: DGE-RG-LIDAR-Dragoneye-s850-10sp

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