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Drifire Tactical Pants have been created to offer you a great way to stay fire resistant without sacrificing comfort. Tactical Trousers from the experts at DriFire are made using the amazing flame resistant FR material that is guaranteed to keep you safer in a fire emergency. While not designed for direct, ongoing exposure to open flames or fire, our flame resistant fabrics and flame resistant workwear are engineered to withstand short exposure to flame and arc flashes without igniting or melting and dripping on wearers' skin. Once the source of flame is removed, the incredibly comfortable FR Wear will immediately self-extinguish, limiting the amount of direct exposure to flame for wearers. Drifire has been making fire resistant clothing for many years, and Drifire Tactical Pants are the result of their dedication to making sure you have the most comfortable possible garments with the best possible protection. For a great way to make sure you are prepared for anything, choose DriFire Military Pants.