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Eberlestock dump pouches are excellent places to store all that extraneous equipment you don't know what to do with. Certain accessories defy classification or have a strange shape, making it hard to find a spot for them in the highly regulated and organized confines of your backpack. That's why these Eberlestock pouches are so effective. An Eberlestock dump pouch mounts easily to the side, back, or waist belt of an Eberlestock backpack using the company's signature PALS/Padlock webbing. Once attached, you can use a dump pouch to store virtually anything, from ammunition to range finders to a myriad of calls. Pouches like these are essential for keeping small and miscellaneous accessories and gear close at hand without losing them in the depths of your backpack. Dump pouches by Eberlestock can be a lifesaver when your pack is close to bursting.