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Eberlestock hydration pouches are handy devices that make it easier to get a drink when you need it. Hydration systems are an essential piece of any long-term backpacker's equipment registry, whether they come in the form of a simple Nalgene bottle or a pressurized bladder system. Eberlestock includes hydration sleeves in most of their multi-day backpacks, but they also offer bladders to fill those sleeves with. Two sizes of Eberlestock bladders were made to fit in an Eberlestock pouch, a three liter and a two liter bladder, both of which are durable, insulated, and bacteria free. Most Eberlestock water pouches can be attached to or inserted in Eberlestock packs, but there are others that work well on their own. The H1 Mini-Me, for example, is a versatile hydration pouch that can be turned into a weapon-equipped day pack with the addition of a scabbard and a few other accessories. Stay hydrated with an Eberlestock hydration pouch.