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What is in you EDC kit? The answer to that depends on the person you ask, but we've put together a page to help you choose what you have on you at all times everyday. The essentials are usually: knives, flashlights, a ccw holster, wallet, keys, a watch, sunglasses, and some other personal things such as a phone, headphones and so on. Everyday carry is a commitment by each individual to have with the accessories and equipment they may need to tackle tasks small and large with as few items as possible. An EDC knives, for example, should not be too large as to not make it uncomfortable to carry. Therefore, a proper folding knives with about a 3" blade is sufficient for everyday carry. A flashlight operated by 1xAA, 1xAAA, or 1xCR123A battery is sufficient to tackle most EDC flashlight needs. If you are focusing more on survival situations, you may want to amp up the size of the gear you choose and get a fixed blade knife. This, however, will generally call for a backpacks or a messenger bag to hold your equipment. Some like to wear a watch on an everyday basis. Although a less important accessory with the phones that we have today, it still is a handy piece of hardware to have, if the battery on the phone goes out. Pens are always handy to have in your EDC kit. Some pens come with a "tactical" designation, making them a fallback plan in a self-defense situation. A lighter is also handy to have around for emergencies. Our selection of Zippo lighters is immense and we're sure you'll find the design that speaks to you. Everyday carry kits vary, but the essentials do not. Browse our store and find the right set up for you!

Everyday Carry EDC Gear - Holsters, Knives, Flashlights, Pens, Lighters, Watches, Wallets and More!

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