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Equinox 12 In. Lash Straps 2pk MFG212
Model: Equinox 12 In. Lash Straps 2pk MFG212
Code: L8-1G-29520-MFG212
UPC: 873017001281
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$2.69 $3.95 Save 32%
Model: Equinox 36 In. Lash Straps 2pk MFG236
Code: L8-1G-29520-MFG236
UPC: 000194457154
Equinox 24 In. Lash Straps 2pk MFG224
$2.69 $3.53 Save 24%
Model: Equinox 24 In. Lash Straps 2pk MFG224
Code: L8-1G-29520-MFG224
UPC: 000194457147
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Model: Equinox 48 In. Lash Straps 2pk MFG248
Code: L8-1G-29520-MFG248
UPC: 000194457161
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$3.79 $4.36 Save 13%
Model: Equinox 60 In. Lash Straps 2pk MFG260
Code: L8-1G-29520-MFG260
UPC: 873017001243

Equinox Lash Straps Product Info

The Equinox Lash Straps has been produced to be the most effective addition for the boat of just about any kayak or canoe operator. Efficient boating products will make your kayak or canoe that much more exciting to use. And along with the Equinox Lash Straps, usage of a high quality canoe or kayak addition hasn't ever been easier. In an attempt to provide canoe and kayak owners with some of the highest quality items that the water sports industry can offer, these Canoe and Kayak Accessories from Equinox are built making use of the sturdy and effective materials that you have come to expect from this impressive supplier. Equinox has been generating excellent kayak and canoe supplies for a number of years, and the Equinox Lash Straps is the consequence of their persistence for providing marining lovers with some of the most effective equipment to choose from. For a good way to ensure that you are working with some of the most effective products the boat trade has to offer, pick the Equinox Lash Straps.

Ultra durable, heavyweight polypropylene with a duckbill Ladderlock. Available in five different sizes and a host of distinctive colors for quick color coding and to provide for more interesting displays. Bagged and headercarded in pairs.

Package Contents:

  • Equinox Lash Straps

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