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We are an Authorized ESS Dealer! Our Illinois-based online store carries complete line of ESS Products. If you are a military operator, law enforcement personnel or just an individual looking for great pair of goggles or sunglasses, then ESS Goggles and ESS Sunglasses are right choice for you. Not only will ESS safety gear provide comfort and great looks, but also eye security and eye safety for you. Almost all models are available for order with RX inserts. Enhanced with many great features such as Optically-Correct Polycarbonate lenses for distortion-free vision and extra thick (2.2mm to 2.8mm thickness) lenses, these goggles give you needed ballistic impact protection which provides very high impact resistance (well beyond the ANSI Z87.1 requirements, and above the level of the US Military spec: MIL STD 662F), plus these ESS goggles have 100% UVA/UVB protection, and premium Clear Zone anti-fog / anti-scratch coatings. ESS Products are the number one commercial goggles used by the US Military. ESS goggles gives you great choice in design, with the battlefield-tested features you will need in action.

High Adrenaline Eye Protection for the professionals who need it most. ESS creates advanced protective eyewear systems for military operators, law enforcement operators, and fire & rescue professionals. By communicating with operators in these hazardous occupations, ESS is able to develop protective eyewear that delivers peak performance and toughness in extreme situations. Contemporary styles and innovative features ensure that ESS Goggles and ESS Sunglasses stay worn and eyes stay safely protected.

ESS goggles are the most preferred in the US Fire Service. These fire goggles are featured as the premier eye protection option on new helmets sold by nearly every major helmet manufacturer: MSA / Cairns, Bullard, Morning Pride, Lion, Paul Conway, and Pacific. ESS is also the #1 supplier of military eyewear to the US Military and coalition forces. ESS Firefighter Goggles, ESS Firefighter Sunglasses, ESS Military Goggles and ESS Tactical Sunglasses are sold throughout the world in over 60 countries.

ESS Fire & Rescue Products are designed to the highest standard of performance and durability. Here are some key feature found in all ESS firefighting & rescue goggles.

  • Heat Resistance - All ESS goggle components, from the ESS lenses to the frames and the vent filtration foam, are flame resistant and heat resistant. The Ess Innerzone line is specifically designed to comply with the rigorous NFPA 1971 Standards, inluding the 5-Minute, 500*F oven test.
  • Impact Resistance - ESS's extra-thick goggle lenses are tough, even by military standards. Made from high-grade, shatter-resistant poly-carbonate, these military-ballistic lenses exceed the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003+ and the U.S. Military's .22 caliber balistic impact test MIL-V-43511C. They can even stop a shotgun blast from 35 feet.
  • Fog & Scratch Resistance - ESS Lenses are specially treated with ESS ClearZone anti-fog coatings. Fully-filtered perimeter ventilation also dramatically reduces lens fogging by stimulation air flow while filtering out airborne particles and smoke.
  • Easy Strap Adjustment - ESS's patented Speed-Clip Systems facilitates quick strap adjustment and makes it easier to don and doff goggles over helmet brims. The 26mm-wide, high-memoty woven Nomex Straps are heat resistant and stretch resistant.
  • Enhanced Vision - All ESS Lenses Feature distortion-free optical clarity and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Advanced frame technology offers expanded visibility by increasing peripheral vision.
  • Comfort - ESS understands taht if eye protection is comfortable, it stays worn. Anatimical designs and patented adjustable features keep ESS products in place for hours on end.
  • Prescription Eyewear Solutions - While most ESS goggles fit over the majority of prescription eyeglasses, ESS offers RX Solutions that can be intigrated in to goggles as RX inserts.

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