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ESS Profile is the eye protection choice of military forces around the world! The ESS Profile NVG Goggle system is a compact military and tactical goggle system with no compromises. Created with direction from elite U.S. Special Forces groups, ESS Profile Goggles have all the advantages of a low-profile, night-vision-compatible goggle frame without sacrifices in dust filtration, field of view, impact protection, or anti-fog performance. These ESS Goggles have extra-thick, 2.8mm polycarbonate lenses which offer maximum impact protection and 100% UVA/UVB filtration. ESS applies an advanced ClearZone FlowCoat lens treatment to the ESS Profile Military Goggles,

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to provide the optimal combination of anti-scratch coatings on the outside of the lenses and anti-fog coatings on the inside. The ESS Profile NVG features a full-perimeter ventilation and filtration system that minimizes lens fogging and filters airborne particles, dust, and splashes. ESS Profile Goggles have a durable, smooth frame that is easy to clean and conforms to any face shape, while the Outrigger Strap System positions the strap for optimal compatibility with helmets.

ESS Profile Eyewear Accessories enhance ESS's line of military goggles, with replacement lenses in several different tints, carrying cases, and more. ESS Profile Prescription Inserts are also available, allowing your ESS Profile Goggles to function like prescription sunglasses.

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