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Fenix Flashlights are known worldwide for their high-quality LED technology and their scrupulous attention to detail. Each flashlight in the Fenix line is housed in a carefully sculpted body that proves the Fenix brand's dedication to quality. Reliable performance, simple and intuitive operation, comfortable and attractive exteriors, and rugged, powerful electronics are what you can expect from every FenixLight Flashlight. High standards and multi-functional capabilities combine in each Fenix Flashlight, finished off with outstanding performance and craftsmanship, to make a flexible, versatile lighting tool that will meet your needs on-duty and off, indoors or out, day or night.

Fenix Flashlights embody a commitment to innovation and a constant striving to leave mediocrity far behind. Throughout their history, from the first L1 to the latest multi-mode, processor controlled light, Fenix Flashlights are the product of constant striving to be the best and to incorporate and take advantage of the best flashlight technology available. Landmarks like the Fenix L1 (voted one of the most innovative flashlights of 2005 by users and media) typify the standards of Fenix Lights - this particular product started a whole series of high-quality, single AA lights, the first of their kind. The L1 successfully integrated a bright beam, a constant current regulation circuit and low operating costs, all in a very compact design. This Fenix Flashlight was the first mass produced high-quality single AA-battery LED flashlight to hit shelves. The success of the L1 began to attract people's attention to Fenix Flashlights... and that was only the beginning!

Today, we can safely say that if you're looking for a high-quality, incredibly reliable cutting-edge illumination tool for outdoor sports, industry, law enforcement, military or personal security, then you should consider buying a Fenix Flashlight. And you're in the right place for it - we are your primary source to buy Fenix LED Flashlights on the internet. We have plenty of Fenix Flashlight on sale at great low prices, and you'll always get free Value Shipping on orders over $29.95! You can feel comfortable when you order a Fenix Flashlight from us, because almost everything we offer is backed by a warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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