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Factory Demo Firefield 12 Gauge Laser Bore Sight FF39007
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39007-DEMO
Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 12 Gauge FF39007
$19.39 $29.99 Save 35%
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Battery Type: 3 x LR44
Attachment/ Mount Type: Muzzle
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39007
MPN: FF39007
UPC: 810119011602
Firefield Laser Bore Sight - 223 Remington FF39001
$21.79 $29.99 Save 27%
Caliber: .223
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39001
MPN: FF39001
UPC: 810119011510
Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 308 Win, 243 Win, 7mm-08, 260 Rem, 358 Win FF39005
$23.49 $29.99 Save 22%
Caliber: .308 Win, .243 Win, 7mm-08, 260 Rem, 358 Win
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39005
MPN: FF39005
UPC: 810119011596
Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 7mm Rem Mag, .338 Win, .264 Win FF39004
$23.49 $29.99 Save 22%
Caliber: 7mm Rem Mag, .338 Win, .264 Win
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39004
MPN: FF39004
UPC: 810119011541
Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 30-06 Spr, 270 Win, 25-06 Win FF39003
$23.49 $33.28 Save 29%
Caliber: 30-06 Springfield, 270 Win, 25-06
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39003
MPN: FF39003
UPC: 810119011534
Firefield Red Laser Universal Boresight FF39000
$29.89 $41.99 Save 29%
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Battery Type: 3 x LR44
Caliber: Universal
Attachment/ Mount Type: Muzzle
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39000
MPN: FF39000
UPC: FF39000
Factory DEMO Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 7.62x39 FF39002
$15.99 $19.99 Save 20%
Model: Factory DEMO Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 7.62x39 FF39002
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39002-DEMO
MPN: R-FF39002
Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 7.62x39 FF39002
$24.19 $33.24 Save 27%
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Caliber: 7.62x39
Battery Type: 3 x LR44
Attachment/ Mount Type: Muzzle
Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39002
MPN: FF39002
UPC: 810119011527

Firefield Laser Bore Sight Product Info

The Firefield Laser Bore Sight is a highly accurate bore sight flawlessly designed to fit a variety of weapon chambers. This Bore Sight from Firefield saves you money, time, and frustration by allowing you to fine-tune the aim of your weapon without wasting live ammunition. Simply load the Firefield Laser Accurate Bore Sight into the chamber like a standard cartridge, and the laser light shows exactly where your firearm is aimed for easy sighting in. Perfect for effortless gun zeroing, this Firefield Bore Sight ensures that you always hit your target. Live fire is only needed for fine-tuning to account for inconsistencies, and you'll be happy to bring your Firefield Red Laser Bore Sight to the range or into the field on every trip.

Firefield FF39000: Red Laser Universal Boresight

Specifications for Firefield Laser Bore Sights:

Laser Wavelength: 632-650mm
LED Type: Visible Red Laser
Power: <5 mW
Battery: 3x LR41
Battery Life: About 1 Hour
Range for Sighting: 15-100 yards
Dot Size: 2 inches at 100 yards
Construction: Aluminum
Temperature: -10 to +50 degrees

Features of Firefield Bore Laser Sight:

  • Precise and accurate
  • Reliable and durable
  • The fastest system for gun zeroing and sighting
  • Reduces wasted cartridges and shells
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to pack and travel

Package Contents:

  • Firefield Laser Bore Sight

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Factory DEMO Firefield 30-06 Spr, 270 Win, 25-06 Win Laser Bore Sight FF39003, Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39003-DEMO
Factory DEMO Firefield Laser Bore Sight - 223 Remington FF39001, MPN: R-FF39001, Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39001-DEMO
Factory DEMO Firefield Red Laser Universal Boresight FF39000, Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39000-DEMO
Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 30-30 Winchester FF39009, MPN: FF39009, UPC: 810119011992, Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39009
Firefield Laser Bore Sight, 300 Win Mag Boresight FF39006, MPN: FF39006, UPC: 810119011985, Code: VP-BS-LBS-FF39006

Firefield Laser Bore Sight Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Firefield Laser Boresight by Legacy Reviewer, March 5, 2014
There should be an alternate way to turn this boresight on. This will save the batteries rather than replacing the batteries every time.
2/2 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review Sadly, no use to me. by Yacker777, December 30, 2014
I purchased the Firefield Laser Bore Sight in .308wn for my Sako A7. The price was good, and the bore sight arrived in good packaging with instructions, battery, a paper target etc. However the laser is not visible in daylight, any further than per...
3/3 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Inexpensive by don35, March 21, 2015
Inexpensive laser bore sight. Good to get you started zeroing in your scope. Not terribly bright laser in daylight, but I knew that when buying it. Definitely saved me a few rounds zeroing in my new scope.
Most Recent Review Hard to see the red dot @ 50 yards by michael g., March 15, 2015
The price was very fair but I really had trouble seeing the red dot at 50 yards. You need a spotting scope and an additional person would help. I am not sure if I would buy this again if I knew what I know now. The batteries were easy to use.
Most Recent Review Great Bore Site by RH, January 29, 2015
We used this to bore sight a M-14, and it did a great job. On paper and within 1" of target first time out. The price is reasonable as I caught it on sale. The item is fool proof and any one can use it. Great product.
1/1 found this helpful
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