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Diamondback Tactical is the leader when it comes to personal body armor systems including helmets. Diamondback continually exceeds the accepted standards of body armor protection, offering products that stay ahead of new threats in an ever-changing world. Diamondback Tactical invests heavily in R&D to ensure that their body armor and other protective products for improved ballistics and to adapt to the needs of the end users. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of Diamond Back protective armor and body armor accessories in our online store, including their high-grade tactical helmets.

Each Diamondback Tactical Helmet is military-grade army helmet that combine light weight with solid protection against ballistics and blunt trauma. The Diamondback Tactical design provides 35% more coverage than standard MICH helmets, but with even less weight. The chin strap assures secure fit for normal tactical use and a quick and easy release of the military helmet when needed.

Every day, law enforcement agencies, military, and corrections departments count on Diamondback Tactical's products to be their first line of defense. Diamond Back considers it their highest mission to keep these professionals safe, becoming a partner to those on the front lines. Diamondback Tactical. With you. For life.