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Fixed blade knives are an essential tool. Whether for hunting, hiking, survival, or any other situation - a fixed blade knife is an essential instrument for any outfit. If someone every asks, "What is the one thing you always need?" The answer should always be a knife. A fixed blade knife will not fold on your fingers or hand and is more sturdy when cutting harder materials than folding knives. Although bulky for everyday carry, when outdoors a fixed blade knife can take more abuse and cut harder materials.

Hunting knives generally have a fixed blade so as not to injure an individual if a slip happens. When skinning or cutting a carcass, a folding knife can malfunction and close on your hand. To avoid this, a fixed blade knife is preferable. Tactical knives are generally fixed blades as well, because a tactical operator may need to use it at the moments notice or may not have the freedom of movement to open up a folder. A fixed blade vs. a folding mechanism will deliver greater strength and will with stand greater forces when being utilized.

We are proud to carry leading brands such as Spyderco, Gerber, Ka-Bar, Cold Steel and other industry leading brands to give you the choice of your preferred fixed blade knife.

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