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OpticsPlanet is proud to be a supplier of FLIR Systems! With their innovative and quality night vision and thermal imaging technology, FLIR has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in home security, law enforcement and military surveillance. FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infrared, and they certainly have made looking forward a big part of their business. Anyone who has taken part in a military or police operation knows that situational awareness is paramount to success, and FLIR has developed some of the most advanced thermal imagers on the market today. By detecting infrared radiation, these cameras can be used while on the move or as part of an all-encompassing security system. The specialized nature of thermal imagers may make it difficult to decide which FLIR Imaging Systems product is right for you, so feel free to contact us to speak with one of our product specialists, and they'll help guide you to the perfect match for your needs.

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FLIR Systems started out over 30 years ago making thermal imagers that mounted on vehicles to help conduct energy audits. These audits helped homeowners find places along their property where heat was seeping out. They've taken their original focus of measuring minute temperature changes from a distance and expanded into markets where seeing in adverse conditions is important. When there are contaminants in the air, the image from normal night vision devices can be obscured, but thermal imagers are able to see through the fog to find heat signatures. Because of this amazing versatility and consistent performance, FLIR Thermal Imagers are a popular choice amongst firefighters, police officers and soldiers who have to rely on their thermal vision in life threatening situations.

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