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FLIR Thermal Imaging H-Series Devices are some of the most versatile and powerful night imaging tools available on the market today. Pierce through even the darkest of nights with the thermal imaging capabilities. So much power in such a small package! These night vision thermal devices are submersible, shoick resistant, and waterproof. Perfect for use by law enforcement and military personnel. Keep and eye on what is going on around you, or track the perpatrator through the thick of night. No on can escape the brilliant engineering of the FLIR Thermal H-Series Device. With the H-Series by FLIR, you are able to see suspects in the darkness through smoke, dust, and light fog! It doesn't matter if the perp if in camouflage, or is trying to use foliage as cover - FLIR lets you see them! The FLIR H-Series Thermal Imaging Devices allows law enforcement officers to have a much greater adavantage over criminals.