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FoxFury Blitz Series Blue / Red LEDs 777-102
Beam Color: Blue/Red
Code: O4-FL-BLITZ-777-102
MPN: 777-102
FoxFury White/Red LEDs Blitz Wrist Flashlight 777-103
Battery Type: AAA
Additional Features: Wrist Flashlight
Beam Color: White and Red
Code: O4-FL-BLITZ-777-103
MPN: 777-103
FoxFury White/Blue LEDs Blitz Wrist Flashlight 777-101
Battery Type: AAA
Beam Color: White and Blue
Additional Features: Wrist Flashlight
Code: O4-FL-BLITZ-777-101
MPN: 777-101

FoxFury Blitz Wrist Flashlight Product Info

The FoxFury Blitz Series Wrist Light w/ Blue & Red LEDs 777-102 is a great way to have a hands free flashlight. This wrist mounted Flashlight from FoxFury features Red and Blue LED wrist light for fans to use at sporting events, concerts and more. The FoxFury Blitz LED 2 Lumen Flashlight is visible from across the stadium / arena and produces no noise of view obstruction. Worn on the wrist, the red and blue LEDs on the FoxFury Red and Blue LED Blitz Series Light alternate automatically or in response to arm movement. This FoxFury Flashlight can also be used for Safety, Visibility or Identification while walking, running, etc. Also used by Fire, Rescue and Military teams to identify teams in the field. For an amazing hands free flashlight, choose the FoxFury Blitz Series Blue / Red LEDs Wrist Strap Flashlight.

FoxFury 777-101: White/Blue LEDs Blitz Wrist Flashlight
FoxFury 777-103: White/Red LEDs Blitz Wrist Flashlight
FoxFury 777-102: Blitz Series Blue / Red LEDs

Specifications for Fox Fury Blitz Series Flashlight:

Lumens: 1.4 to 2 Lumens (20 to 30 Candle Power) - Varies according to colors / mode
Mode 1: Color 1, then changes to Color 2 when arm moves
Mode 2: Color 1 on, Color 2 is on a 0.4 second timer
Mode 3: Color 1 on a 0.4 second timer, Color 2 remains on when arm moves
Mode 4: Color 1 and Color 2 Automatically Alternate
Off: follows Mode 4
Weight: 1.9 oz (52 g)
Dimensions: 2.3" x 1.3" x 0.9" (58 mm x 33 mm x 23 mm)
Material: Polycarbonate Housing
Life: up to 40 hours

Features of Fox Fury Wrist Mounted Blitz Series Flashlight:

  • 2 Blue / 2 Red LEDs
  • Wrist Strap
  • Tap Switch
  • Water Resistant
  • 2 AAA (Batteries Included)

Package Contents:

  • FoxFury Blitz Series Wrist Strap Flashlight w/ Blue & Red LEDs 777-102

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