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Galileo Telescopes are built in the spirit of their namesake, Galileo Galilei - dedicated to exploration and discovery. Galileo Telescopes include a range of styles and sizes to suit the needs of most amateur astronomers. Galileo specializes in refractor telescopes, reflector telescopes, Dobsonian reflectors, and more. Galileo understands the concerns of the first time telescope user, and develops their telescopes with the beginner to intermediate sky watcher in mind. Build your love of astronomy with a Galileo scope!

Galileo Telescopes are designed with "The Galileo Difference". The care that goes into Galileo's telescopes goes beyond their high-quality optics. For example, all Galileo telescopes include pre-assembled, metal tripods ready to go right out of the box. Just extend the legs and adjust the retractable rubber feet and your tripod is ready to use. Additionally, each Galileo tripod is extremely sturdy and provides maximum stability for the telescope. All Galileo telescopes come with instructional videos for easy and quick setup. Additionally, each Galileo telescope includes the Galileo Planetarium CD-ROM. With the Planetarium program you will be enable you to locate any object in the sky the first night with your telescope. Start stargazing fast with a Galileo Amateur Telescope!

Galileo Galilei was a pioneering 17th century astronomer, who turned the first Galilean telescope to the skies in 1609. Today, the Galileo company is dedicated to making quality optics that enable anyone and everyone to stand on this world and explore the multitude of other worlds that spin across the heavens.