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Game Finder A Enhanced GF-A-E Heatseeker
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Game Finder A Enhanced GF-A-E Heatseeker Product Info

Game Finder A Enhanced GF-A E Heat Seeker is simple to use yet powerful for all types and sizes of game recovery from birds to large animals. The knob on the side of GameFinder A Enhanced Gray CF-A-E GameSeeker is an on/off control and, like a radio, a gain control. Turn the knob to turn Game Finder Model A on and turn the gain all the way up. Warm up takes only about 10 seconds but performance improves after about one minute.

Hold with the Bar Graph Display up and scan from side-to-side across the area being searched. Heatseeker should take about three (3) seconds to scan from one side to the other and back. Maintain a steady back-and-forth scan like the pendulum on a clock. Game Finder Heatseeker GF-A E "finds" changes in temperature. Stronger heat sources will light up more LEDs on the Bar Graph Display than weaker sources. If more than one source is indicated, keep continually scanning while lowering the gain until only one heat source is indicated. That last heat source shown is "The Most Significant" source in the area scanned. Go look at it. If it is what is sought, the search is over. If not, continue searching and progressing in the general direction headed.

Game Finder A Enhanced GF-A E Heatseeker will find hidden heat sources. The range is a function of a number of factors including density of foliage, air temperature, humidity and speed of scan. In most cases, GF-A E Game Seeker from Game Finder, Inc. will penetrate at least 30 to 50 yards into thick areas like a corn field or heavy foliage and, it will reach several hundred yards in open areas.

Specifications for Game-Finder A Enhnanced GF-A E Game-Seeker:

Battery:   One 9-Volt Battery (Not included).
Battery Life:   Operational life of more than 20-25 hours at 70 degrees F.
Current Use:   Minimum average of 7 milliamp (ma). Maximum with all ten lights on of 50 ma.
Size:   Diameter 1.5" (approximately), length 6."
Weight:   6.1 Ounces.
Display:   Ten segment red LED Bar Graph Display.
Enclosure:   Injection molded ABS plastic.
Operation:   Below 0o to above 120o F.
Detector:   Lithium tantalum dual element pyroelectric sensor.

Package Contents:

  • Game Finder A Enhnanced GF A E

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