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Game Finder Inc The Finder Heatseeker 00073
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Game Finder Inc The Finder Heatseeker 00073 Product Info

Why hunt? Is it the thrill of the chase? Is it the gratifying sense of self that hard work and self-discipline provide? Is it the unique challenges presented by each hunt? Or perhaps it's the simple enjoyment of the outdoor. Whatever motive brings you to the hunt, every hunter shares a common goal; Find the game you shoot. Without that success, the hunt is not complete. For 15 years, Game Finder, Inc. has provided the tools to complete your hunting adventure and to make the hunting experience a successful one. And a successful hunt creates cherished memories of a lifetime.

Once Again, Game Finder, Inc. has created the next generation in game recovery with GameFinder The Finder Heatseeker. Simply put, with Game Finder - The Finder Black Heat Seeker 00073, if you put the game down, you will find it. Ergonomic design of The Finder Thermal Device provides an even more comfortable hold in hand-held infrared technology. Features higher processing speeds than ever before making "Selective Sensing" and visual and audio "Pattern Recognition" operations unequaled. Cutting-edge software makes The Finder™ from Game Finder Inc fully automatic and simple to use - Just turn heatseeker on and Game Finder Heet Seeker automatically adjusts to your environment - any environment.

Includes a revolutionary multi-function light system. It has a standard flashlight operation that when used with the red light, works as a "B.T.L.S" (Blood Tracking Light System) . It has a laser pointer to ensure proper scan technique and to assist in nighttime searches. It also has a green light for nighttime use that maintains optimal night vision performances and that further, will not be seen be all other animals.

With advanced audio technology, Game Finder Inc The Finder Thermal Game Recovery Device creates different sounds for different animals; (Similar to metal detectors in which different sounds are created for different metals).

Offers extreme range and brush penetration making GameFinder The Finder Game Seeker effective for all sizes of game from dove to moose. With Game-Finder The Finder, your recovery experience has never been easier. Your hunting experience - complete. Game-Finder The Finder operates on 2 AA Batteries (Not Included).

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  • Game Finder Inc The Finder Black Heetseaker SKU # 7 43774 00073 8

Game Finder Inc The Finder Heatseeker 00073 Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Requires some learning by Legacy Reviewer, December 15, 2009
It's a little too sensitive to your surroundings with practice you can learn to identify whats important. It can be frustrating at times as other reviewers pointed out but I don't think they put in enough time to figure this tool out.
5/5 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review Game Finder The Finder by Legacy Reviewer, November 14, 2007
Don't waste your money. Unless you are hunting in the wide open thisw item is virtually useless. In the woods, where it is most needed, you get false signals from trees, uneven terrain, brush piles, anything that will hold slightly more heat than...
42/44 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Heatseeker 00073 by Legacy Reviewer, December 21, 2009
Not as easy as they made it sound.
4/5 found this helpful
Most Recent Review gamefinder by Legacy Reviewer, December 16, 2008
The unit works but you have to understand the unit and practice before having to use it. Practice makes THE USER better with the unit. Pros: worth the money if you take time to understand the unit
4/8 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Not there yet by Legacy Reviewer, January 8, 2008
I was excited about the prospects of this hunting tool, however, I was really disappointed with the results. The Game Finder alerted on rocks and trees in open areas and wouldn't register in bush. Maybe as technology improves... Pros: inexpensive, ...
20/21 found this helpful
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