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Game Finder Life Finder LF-6 Heatseeker provides another fully digital, fully automatic hand-held infrared system for Law-Enforcement and/or Search and Rescue use. Cutting-edge software makes Game Finder Inc Life Finder LF 6 fully automatic and simple to use - Just turn heatseeker on and Life-Finder LF 6 automaticaly adjusts to your environment - any environment. Life Finder LF6 Heat Seeker from Game Finder, Inc. includes the automatically controlled "Selective-Sensing" that virtually eliminates false readings, and visual "Pattern-Recognition" technology. Simple to use Game Finder LF - 6 Life Finder has extreme range and brush penetration which makes Game Finder - Life Finder LF-6 effective for all types of search and rescue/capture operations. Life Finder LF-6 Black Heat Seeker from Game Finder features a laser pointer that assists in nighttime searches and can be used to point towards heat sources. With advanced audio technology, Game Finder's LF-6 Life Finder creates different sounds for people and different animals (Similar to metal detectors in which different sounds are created for different metals). To remotely monitor a trail, plug the audio output into a VOX radio. Lightweight and portable, Game Finder Life Finder LF 6 Black Heatseeker operates on a single 9-volt battery with a long battery life.
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