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Garmin nuvi is the flagship line of navigational GPS devices by Garmin. Pioneering the field of automotive GPS units, the Garmin nuvi GPS series of devices represents one of the most popular and one of the most effective GPS systems for navigating the roadways of the world. There are dozens of different Garmin GPS navigators that fall under the Garmin nuvi line, each of them chock full of features and benefits that set it apart from the rest. Most of the Garmin nuvi series features full color screens, integrated satellite and road maps, and much more. Turn by turn navigation makes it easy to conquer the highways and byways of your next road trip, and many of these GPS devices include up to date traffic information so you can always stay abreast of road conditions.

Ranging from the basic Garmin nuvi 500 to the multi-touch glass of the Garmin nuvi 3790, nuvi by Garmin has a GPS device for every purpose. Unique features of many Garmin nuvi GPS systems include trafficTrends, with which your GPS automatically learns daytime traffic trends and plans your route accordingly, speech recognition so you can keep your full focus on the road, ultra slim design for greater portability, ecoRoute navigation for fuel-saving routes, CityXplorer pedestrian maps, and multi-point routing for road trips with many legs. Almost all Garmin nuvi devices are expandable with additional Garmin GPS maps, so you can get precision navigation wherever the road takes you. Additional Garmin GPS accessories allow you to take your nuvi beyond the highway and mount it to boats, bikes, and other vehicles. The Garmin nuvi series puts the roadways of the world at your fingertips.