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Garmin Rino handheld GPS units are unique GPS devices that are designed for collaboration and communication. When you're out on the hunt or executing tactical maneuvers, it's important to know where your group members are, both for safety and for strategic purposes. Communication is where the Garmin Rino GPS excels; far more than a simple GPS navigator, the Rino also includes an FRS/GMRS radio for instant voice communication. If you're in a situation where stealth is paramount or loud background sounds prohibit radio contact, you can send text messages wirelessly to your squad mates. Waypoints, routes, and points of interest can also be transferred wirelessly with the Garmin Rino series. What's more, your squad mates can report their locations to your Garmin GPS, and the Rino can display all your friend's coordinates on one screen so you can see all the pieces of the puzzle at once. When nasty weather rolls in, all the Garmin Rino models (except for the Rino 610) will keep you informed with the built-in NOAA radio. If you're having trouble figuring out your Garmin Rino device, there are also several Garmin Rino GPS accessories like owner's manuals and quick reference guides that can help you get started. Throw in paperless geocaching, customizable profiles, and hundreds of trackable data streams, the Garmin Rino line makes it easy to coordinate all of your outdoor activities.

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