• Officer.com Sweepstakes

    Officer.com Trijicon ACOG Sweepstakes

    Sep 15, 2014 • No Comments

      OpticsPlanet and Officer.com have teamed up to offer up an awesome Trijicon ACOG riflescope to one lucky winner.  If you’re not familiar with the ACOG, this is the same riflescope that our soldiers are using in combat and would be one of the...

  • A Streamlight TLR for Every Occasion

    Sep 13, 2014 • No Comments

    It goes without saying that I’m a total flashaholic aka flashlight nerd.  Even my abnormally small gear junkie brain has a hard time remembering all of the names and nomenclature that go along with flashlights and weapon lights. Thankfully there’s a...

  • Vortex Long Range Optics Sweepstakes!

    Sep 9, 2014 • 98 Comments

    Looking to reach out and hit targets at distances that will make your head spin? In order to do that you’re going to need a quality riflescope with enough magnification to see what you’re shooting at. You’re also going to need a rangefinder...

  • Gun Nut, Lawyer and Host of the NRA’s Newest Show-Colion Noir

    Sep 3, 2014 • 2 Comments

    Depending on where live, when the topic of guns comes up people are generally split down the middle. It’s clear where I stand on the issue but I’m also not the typical gun owner. Catering to folks like myself, Millennials and people that may not be ready...

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Acid Etching

How to Acid Etch your Knife or Multi-Tool

May 9, 2014 • 10 Comments

Tired of the same old look of your favorite knife? Wouldn’t it be nice to add some flash to your blade? Sure you could have it engraved but that’s really expensive....

Day at the Range: Ultimate Gift Guide

A Day at the Range:Ultimate Gear Guide

It may feel as though these cold temperatures are never going to release their grip, but spring is right around the corner. This means its...

Mar 4, 2014 •

Winter Hunting

Don’t Hibernate! Dealing with the Cold on the Hunt

As an avid hunter and someone from the Midwest, I hunt in a very wide range of weather patterns and temperatures. Living in Chicago, I have...

Jan 10, 2014 •

What Hangun to buy?

4 Quick Tips for Buying a Handgun

We may not sell handguns at OpticsPlanet.com, but we certainly know a thing or two about them.  We have thousands upon thousands of...

Apr 30, 2013 •

Photos Photos

4 Awesome Joker Knives

Four Joker Knives That Are No Joke

Apr 3, 2014 • 1 Comment

Alright, everyone. If there’s one thing you’ve learned from your time here on Gear Expert, it’s that we take knives seriously. Whether it’s a...

Bulldog Range Bags

Bulldog Range Ready Bags

I’ll tell you from firsthand experience: organization is half the battle. No matter where you shoot or what types...

Mar 20, 2014

Streamlight Tlr 2

Streamlight TLR’s- Blinded By The Light!

Imagine this, the sound of glass breaking wakes you up in the late hours of the night. You immediately open up your...

Mar 4, 2014

OPMOD Edge Shooting Glasses

OPMOD Edge ZRG+ Shooting Glasses

The human eye has more than two million moving parts and is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Protect those...

Feb 25, 2014