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    Gerber’s Ultimate AR15 Multitool, The MP1-AR

    Feb 27, 2015 • 2 Comments

    Ok so to be clear its not the “first” AR-15 specific multitool to the hit market and probably not the last either. Sure there’s a few fringe companies with subpar tools made for your AR-15 but for the most part you’re either on the...

  • Not So Tactical Pant Showdown

    The Not So Tactical Pant Showdown

    Feb 27, 2015 • 3 Comments

    While I’ll be the first person to admit that I tend to go over the top with basically everything in life, there ‘s undoubtedly a time and place for everything. And a freshly printed two dollar bill says you know where I’m going with the...

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    AR15 Range Gear Sweepstakes

    Feb 27, 2015 • 124 Comments

      While you may be all cooped up in your house now and feeling a strong case of the winter blues, we know those warm temps are right around the corner. That means its time to get your gear squared away for all the fun you’re going to be having on...

  • jp trigger feature image

    Simply Put, The Best AR-15 Trigger

    Feb 25, 2015 • 4 Comments

      Now that AR’s are making their way  into almost every freedom loving Mericans’ home,  (shame on you if you don’t have one) the garden variety of so called “Mil-Spec” triggers that come in the gun’s natural form,...

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Acid Etching

How to Acid Etch your Knife or Multi-Tool

May 9, 2014 • 10 Comments

Tired of the same old look of your favorite knife? Wouldn’t it be nice to add some flash to your blade? Sure you could have it engraved but that’s really expensive....

Day at the Range: Ultimate Gift Guide

A Day at the Range:Ultimate Gear Guide

It may feel as though these cold temperatures are never going to release their grip, but spring is right around the corner. This means its...

Mar 4, 2014 •

Winter Hunting

Don’t Hibernate! Dealing with the Cold on the Hunt

As an avid hunter and someone from the Midwest, I hunt in a very wide range of weather patterns and temperatures. Living in Chicago, I have...

Jan 10, 2014 •

What Hangun to buy?

4 Quick Tips for Buying a Handgun

We may not sell handguns at OpticsPlanet.com, but we certainly know a thing or two about them.  We have thousands upon thousands of...

Apr 30, 2013 •