Everlasting Light Coming Soon from 5.11 Tactical

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The waiting list rolls down to the floor. Anxious tacticians are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 5.11 Tactical’s newest beauty. Darkness has never felt a slice this deep or the impact of a tactical flashlight to this extreme. 5 11 distinguishes itself with its supreme-caliber optics and tactical ferocity, and these devastating characteristics have been encompassed into a package so sleek, that it will become a staple in your toolbox, tactical belt, shed, automobile, or emergency kit for eons to come.

Introducing the one-of-a-kind, next generation flashlight from 511 Tactical: the Light For Life. Thanks to a revolutionary partnership between 5-11 Tactical and IVUS Energy Innovations, a flashlight has been spawned that fulfills the destiny that is the 5.11 mission statement. This flashlite exceeds any and every expectation mankind has set for illuminating the unseen.

Look at the numbers. You will not find a flashlight with a lower operating cost, optimizing your ROI as well as your pocketbook. Mother Earth can bless 5.11 Tactical for this rejuvenating addition to a burgeoning genus of tactical electronics. Not one single battery is harmed in the galvinization of these flashlights. Not even the globe’s magnetic force can hold a charge like this light, making for generations of use. The Flashpoint Power Technology allows the 3 LED’s to shine for years on minimal charges. This bad boy goes from dead to full power in 90 seconds flat.

Think you have seen it all? Think again. 511’s Light for Life will modify your perception of the world and what can be done. A new trend in lastibility has been found, and you thought you were the most tactical guru around! Imagine a rechargeable flashlight that last for 135 years with daily charging! This phenom of a flashlight looks to be a contender for awards to come. Starting in mid-March, things will get a bit interesting with the arrival of the 5-11 Light for Life flashlight . Get it first from OpticsPlanet.

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