BLACKHAWK Women’s Clothing Lines at SHOT Show – BLACKHAWK Tactical Clothes!

Jan 27, 2012 • News, Videos1 Comment

I know all the ladies out there are going to be excited about our new BLACKHAWK SHOT Show Video!  In it, we talk with Aysha Webb at about great new tactical clothes that were designed from the ground up for use by women!

The BLACKHAWK Women’s Apparel Line has all the great features and functionality of other BLACKHAWK Apparel, but the style is much better suited to a woman’s figure.  They hope that the days of women being forced to wear smaller sizes of men’s clothing are behind us.  You can see in the video how nice everything looks, while still maintaining performance features such as extra thick belt loops for a heavy belt and holster.

The women’s off-duty pants are very comfortable while also being durable.  BLACKHAWK designed them to look great for a day in court or just casual wear, and they’re great for undercover use as well.  I think the undercover nature of many of these pants is huge.  Women who go undercover by want top performance might try to wear their traditional tactical pants, and they’ll stick out like a sore thumb.  These new pants really compliment a woman’s figure.

There’s also a great new BLACKHAWK women’s shirt that was designed for concealed carry.  It contours to a woman’s figure while not hugging so tight to the sides as to show the holster and gun.  Very cool, and they look great!

This is really a huge deal for many women.  Men’s clothing is designed for a man’s shape.  Just because the size is smaller doesn’t mean the pants or shirt will fit a woman.  In addition, having an ideal fit means there is less loose fabric, and they’ll give greater functional performance for women in the field.  As Aysha is a firearms instructor, she knows exactly what a woman needs to perform at her best.  There are a lot of really great features in these new BLACKHAWK Women’s Apparel Options.  Check out the BLACKHAWK SHOT Show Video for way more info and to see just how amazing these clothes look!

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