Burris Video Blowout from SHOT Show 2012 – Burris Eliminator III, MTAC, AR332 & More!

Jan 26, 2012 • News, Videos1 Comment

Burris had quite a showing this year at SHOT Show.  Our Burris SHOT Show Video has a ton of really cool new products that you can tell Trevor was really excited about.  It’s not hard to see why, especially with the new Burris Eliminator III Riflescope.  As Trevor says in the video, the Eliminator III was a surprise to us.  We’re already big fans of the original Burris Eliminator, which has integrated computer processors to help you compensate for distance and your cartridge.  Using a rangefinder is always smart when taking a longer shot, but switching from your rangefinder to your riflescope can cost your precious seconds, and you’ll lose sight of your target, even if it’s only for a moment.

The new Eliminator III, which should be released in July, has a number of improvements that you should get excited about.  The battery has been updated to give almost 5 times as many battery cycles as its predecessor, but it also has greater functionality, as it will compensate through it’s entire magnification range, so from 4x to 16x power.  That’s incredibly helpful and makes the scope that much more versatile than the original, which only compensated at 12x power.  The distance is greater, and the reticle has been updated as well to allow you to compensate for windage.  That’s a lot of great new features, and Trevor can’t wait to get his hands on this new Burris Scope.

Next up, Trevor and Burris’ Josh Lawley talk about the Burris FastFire III, which has a new sun shade so you’ll get a better view in broad daylight.  That’s huge for a lot of target shooters, and the new design for the battery allows you to change it out without unmounting the red dot sight.  The Burris FastFire II is a great scope, and these new updates are just making it better.

The Burris MTAC line has also been updated, with a low-profile target knob, and the rotation for magnification on the new MTAC is a single knob instead of the entire eyepiece, which will help those who like to use Butler Creek lens caps.  The reticle and quality of the scope retains the super high quality of previous MTAC scopes, so these new models are more of an evolution than a revolution, but it shows that Burris is paying close attention to their customers and their needs.  Very cool.

Finally, Burris showed off the AR332 Rifle Scope, which is currently available, and it’s a fantastic, bright scope with a ton of versatility.  Trevor really likes these new scopes and he’s was excited to see all the great new gear from Burris at SHOT Show 2012!  I only scratched the surface of all the amazing info in this video, so be sure to watch it now, and stay tuned, because we have more great SHOT Show Videos coming out all day tomorrow!

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