How do you Pick a Gun? Springfield Vs. Glock Debate!

Apr 5, 2013 • News, Videos35 Comments

How do you pick a gun?  That’s a good question.  I can’t really take on the entire issue here without going for thousands and thousands of words.  I’m honestly getting a headache just thinking about it.  I’m not even going to go into the various reason to go into a gun, from the basic style (shotgun, rifle, handgun) and what those are good for.  There’s just too much info.

No.  Today, I’m just going to think about two of the most popular and amazing guns in the world: The Springfield XD and Glock.  I know there are different models and calibers, but the design of these handguns, and their quality, is what’s up for debate right now.

So which is better?  Well, I suggest watching the Springfield Vs. Glock video above.  Mark and Trevor are two of our product specialists, and while they love both guns, I’ve heard them argue the merits of each over and over recently.  I can’t really give you a better look at these two great guns than it provides.  Learn about the history of both guns, and the features they share, and differ on, so you can make your choice.

The Glock is older and a classic choice, but the Springfield XD is certainly a well made gun with a lot of good features.

I’m trying to decide which I’d like for my next gun.  Maybe one of each?  (I just need that big raise first!)

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35 Responses to How do you Pick a Gun? Springfield Vs. Glock Debate!

  1. Michael406 says:

    I carry an issued Glock 22 for duty use and personally own an XD .45 and XDM .40 for off duty carry. All are excellent choices for self defense. I trust all 3 equally.

  2. Matt says:

    Great job by both speakers! Thanks! Polygonal barrels increase velocity by around 10%. They wear much better (over 100,000 rounds through some and still shoot within 5% accuracy of when they were new) than traditional cut rifling which tends to wear out after 10,000-20,000 rounds. (Then again, new barrels cost a fraction of what 10,000 rounds costs these days.) In terms of ergonomics, first make sure any pistol you are going to handle is empty and safe. Next point your index finger at an object on the wall. Put the Springfield, or any 1911 grip angle pistol in your hand and you will find that the barrel points low for most people, in comparison to where the index finger is pointing. (MP shootouts with the 1911 tended to miss low, whereas revolver armed police shootouts tended to miss high). Put the Springfield down, then point your index finger at the wall, put a Glock in your hand and you will find that the finger and barrel are pointing quite close to the same point. Since 70% of shootouts are under low light and “oh sugar” conditions, point shooting occurs so the Glocks have an edge in ergonomics when you are becoming “one with your pistol”. The lower bore to grip height of the Glock compared to the higher bore to grip height of the Springfield, results in less muzzle flip for the Glock (measure this by videotaping both pistols from the side with a graph paper backdrop and use a PACT timer to measure the difference in times for double and triple taps and then measure group size). They are both great pistols if you train with them so thank goodness we can own both! One could play golf with only one club but golf is much more fun with a bag of clubs… Thanks again!

  3. armyrat 1968 says:

    I really like both of these guns, but at this posting I only have glocks. It is one’s prefrence about the safety on the glock, it can be safley carried as is, or what I did just for feeling more secure, I put the Siderlock trigger on my g17 gen 4, g20 &g27. This is a push button on the trigger and is ambi. Very simple to install and trigger can not be pulled untill the button is pushed. It can be pushed very quickly as your finger is going to the trigger anyway. For anyone who does not no about this trigger check it out, it really works! Got mine on ebay at store glock polishing, it cost about fifty bucks, small price for so much peace of mind!

  4. Laureano says:

    I have both the springfield XD (9mm) and the Glock 27. Love them both.

  5. Charlie says:

    Great points made on both guns. I have to agree that you can’t go wrong with either. It is an individual taste – like the Ford Chevy debate. Both manufacturers stand behind there products. It all comes down to like was stated how you shoot one or the other and how it feels in your hand. I have been asked by some folks as to which is better or which should I get and I proceed to point out the features of each and let them feel and ultimately let them decide.

  6. GLENN O. says:

    OK: I have a XD In .9mm, That is the only one that I have. do I like it yes. Now I”ll let you decide what I like better. I , have Glock in .10 mm .40 S&W, SF.45 ACP, They are called 10mm =21 -40 s&w 23 -45acp Glock S/F 20. I did have a and believe it was called a 27 compact model in .40 s&w. I sold that one as I have big hands, and the slide would cut my hand. So I sold it, and did not want to, and have regrets but hell I,cant have something biting my hand like that, Now all of mine are first Gen. Glocks, & I ,don’t ever shoot lead bullets in them, # 1 for this is the .10mm. They have had pistols blow up, because of lead build up, now if you clean your pistol, after shooting, lead you will most likely never have a problem, but don’t do it in a 10mm and that is a personnel thing with me. I ,Like a jacket around my projectile. I , have shot lead in all of my pistols, but the money that is saved in burned in clean up time. when I go out it is a minimum of 500 rds. in any pistol i’m shooting. Even in .22 Long Riffle I like a jacket around it, but have shot 1000 of rounds of lead in the 4 that I have, & have not had any problems. However clean up is a pain in the ass. Only you will decide what is right for you, as for me ,never lead in the .10mm, look at how fast that bullet is going, and it just cakes lead in the barrel. You can buy different barrels for any of the pistols that I, have above, and that would most likely do away with any problems, but I , JUST DON’T LIKE LEAD..Give me a jacket Around my lead…..Have a GR8 Day…. G.W.O.

    • greengiant says:

      Man, I have heard rambling in my day, but, you do so with abandon. What the heck does led and or jacketed bullets have to do with comparing the two handguns. Secondly, anyone who so inexperienced and or lazy, that they go out and shoot 500+- rounds and then not clean the weapon, INCLUDING THE BORE, simply should not own a gun. They should rent one when they shoot. Doing so, range personnel will properly clean the gun and insuring the safety of both the shooter and those nearby.

  7. pete criminger says:

    I like Glock Hands down!!! own several of gl1ocks 19,20,21,21SF,23,30,31, and wife soves the 31 357 sig!!! never jams always on target, 4 extra magazine with Gen 4, never misfire!!! uses all amno and no problems!!! GLOCK SERPA HOLSTER CLASS 2 HOLSTER LOCKS GUNIN HOLSTER! excelent combo, also Crimson trace lazer another easy acc!!! point red dot BANG!!!

  8. BLH557 says:

    Great video. You hit most of the cogent points, however, I think there were two you missed.

    First is trigger pull. The stock Glock is hands-down a better trigger than the XD. I own an XD9 5″ Tactical, but had to replace the stock trigger… and now it’s better than the Glock; which brings me to point two. Cost.

    The stock XD runs at least $200 less than the Glock. Even with my upgraded trigger unit the XD9 5″ Tactical with two mags, a holster, round charger and mag holder is less expensive than the Glock with a single mag. Both are great guns, but bang for buck goes to the XD, in my opinion.

    One other note: You can use lead cast bullets in the Glock octagonal barrel as long as they are coated with a polymer such as Bayou Bullets uses. I have a friend who shoots USPSA competition and has put tens of thousands of rounds through his Glock 27 and has never had a smoking problem or residue buildup as long as he shoots the Bayou Bullets.

    They really shoot well in the XD, too.

    Thanks for the entertainment, guys.

  9. Silent Matt says:

    More features=More to go wrong. Treat every gun as if it were loaded, the only rule needed. If you’re not an idiot, no need to worry about the “lack” of safety features.

  10. Douglas Swanson says:

    I see XD…but not XDM? I own and xdm 40 and the only problems I’ve ever had is with winchester white box…so I deleted it from tardet shooting. Does this involve the xd / xdm?

  11. Rick Q says:

    I’ve fired both. My brother swears by his Glock. I swear by my Springfields. I own the XD-45 and, most recently, picked up the XD-s (also a .45) and absolutely love it. Especially for concealed carry. The only issue I’ve had with the XD-s is that it takes 300-400 rounds run through it to get it to chamber and clear properly because the tolerances are sooooo tight right from the factory. Until I ran 300 or more rounds through it, about the only way to chamber the first round was to lock the slide back, insert the mag, and then release the slide. Now I can chamber the first round no problem just by racking the slide. Also, until it got broke in, it would not eject a round fully when unloading and clearing it. The round would typically get hung up in a cocked position between the bottom of the barrel feed or whatever it is and the rear part of the mag chamber in the grip. Now it will eject and clear a round without a problem. I had concerns about these issues after the first 100 rounds so I called their support and they explained the problem with the clearances and first question asked was “how many rounds had I fired with it?” After I told them, they said I would need to fire probably 200-300 more before it loosened up in turn eliminating the problem. They were right. And great response time for customer support too. All in all, I love the Springfields over the Glocks because they DO have more safety built into them.

  12. Mary says:

    You guys rock!! Thanks for a very informative but lighthearted debate. I do not own either model by I learned a lot about each that will likely influence my next purchase. Keep up the good work.

  13. Dale Parker says:

    On the issue of magazines…it is not just the Glock that has an issue with mags that won’t interchange. If you take a Springfield XD mag and try to make it work in a Springfield XDM (or vise versa) you will have a surprise. We were shooting with one of the Navy SEALs a while back with both weapons and mixed the mags by accident. We were shooting as a family group and those who weren’t on the line were loading the mags and we thought they were interchangeable. I will never forget the SEAL’s remark as he was repeatedly unable to make the pistol function…”Would someone please take this dead man’s gun?”.

  14. John Vogelsang says:

    Excelent debate. Both are a good weapons.
    The only problem that I have seen , Has to do with the magazines.
    Glock uses a polymer magazine.
    Springfield a metal magazine.
    When you for some reason run your weapon empty,(NOT GOOD). You now have to do a emergency or speed reload.
    You drop your magazine and and it hits the deck, ground, dirt,
    I have seen the metal magazines get dented. Or the feed lips get bent. This has caused feeding problems. Not only the springfield magazines. It can happen to all metal magazines.
    I have not seen this happen to a Glock magazine yet.
    This is the only problem that I have seen with the springfield.

  15. chris says:

    Lots of good points, thank you.

  16. Tom Homer says:

    I had a Model 21, .45ACP and a Model 23 .40 S&W caliber Glock and both were excellent weapons, reliable and accurate with no malfunctions of any kind. The grip on the Model 23 was too large for my hands which made it uncomfortable for me to shoot and I traded it for an XD Compact model in .45 ACP. I liked the grip and it came with a ten shot compact size magazine and a longer magazine that held 13 rounds. I can use the ten round which offers better concealment or the 13 shot magazine when concealment isn’t a concern. It also came with a holster and a magazine carrier that holds two magazines.The Springfield shot as accurate as the Glocks and I have yet to have any type of malfunction with it and I have fired various types of ammo and over 500 rounds in it to date. It has several safety features that I like such as the grip safety but also the extractor sticks up when a cartridge is in the chamber and a cocking pin pertrudes in back of the slide when the gun is cocked and by simply feeling these with your finger tip you can instantly tell if the gun is loaded and ready to fire even in complete darkness. Now about the Glock Model 23 .40, again I had grip issues but it was still a great weapon however I traded it off for a Springfield 1911 .45 WW!! Model (copy of the WWII model) which I haven’t regretted. In summary, both Glocks were great pistols but I just liked the XD because it fit my hand better and had several features that the Glocks didn’t have. With me, it just all boiled down to personal preference. If I had the money I would have kept the Glocks and bought the other two outright -ha- but you know how that goes.

  17. Tom Homer says:

    Oops – sorry, in my comment, below, I meant to say that I had a grip problem (being too large for my hand) in the Glock Model 21. Glock has made the Model 21 with a smaller-slimmer grip but even that version was a bit large for my medium size hand. I had to stretch my trigger finger to the limits.

  18. Phil says:

    That was a great video. I have owned two xd’s for acouple yrs now. A 4“ 45 which I love.
    I also have a xd 40c. I use often as carry concealment weapon. I just purchased the glock 36.
    I put 100 rounds through it with 4 fte. I did some research. (limp rist) I went back to range.
    I put another 100 rounds down range. No fte or any prob. I want to love the glock. Just dont know I can always have a great grip when my life or love ones life are on the line. I owned glock 27 when they came out yrs ago. Never had any problems with it. I dont mind upgrading it with adter market parts to make it run better.

    Thanx again great video. I love your store as well.

  19. Fred Calabrese says:

    I chose the S&W M&P .40FS TS- great quality, great options, awesome ergonomics, reliable, and made in America. They are the best Glock-style pistols in production.

  20. MilDot says:

    Both the Glock and the Springfield XD are good guns, great for concealed carry and simple enough for the every day shooter to handle. Neither would fit what I would call my ” go to war gun”. For that I would pick a Sig and nothing else. You might have to pay more for the Sig but again, we are talking about one gun that you would choose to go into battle with and nothing less will do.

    • Sigman says:

      I own a glock 19, and after spending more than I paid for the gun on improvements I love it. Glock should be ashamed of the crappy sights that aren’t worth keeping.
      I agree with MilDot if Iam going to war I know I can depend on my Sig226 which I have for owned for 40 years. I updated all my Sigs with short trigger reset. 226, 220, 239. Oh, How Sweet They Are.
      I am waiting for the new Sig 320 with the “safety trigger” that should be available later this year.

  21. Bob says:

    Who’s the host? I’d like to hear more of what SHE has to say.

  22. John Vogelsang says:

    Additonal commet to my 11 May 2013 posting.
    Some Glock magazines will innerchange. IE, Mdl 21, or 21 SF full size will fit a Mdl 30, or Mdl 30 SF. subcompact. The Mdl 30 mag will not work in a Mdl 21. The mag is to short. SF stades for slimline. The stock or some would say the hand grip on the SF is roughly 1/8, one eigth shorter front to back. That make a differance for some. Now it will or may fit there hands. For others it is still to large over all for it to fit the hands of others properly.
    So you try the XD. That may make the defferance for you.
    As for the 1911. I carried them for 16, sixteen years. They never let me down.
    I have carried my glocks for 26, 27, twenty six, twenty seven years plus. They have never let me down. I have shot thousands of rounds through them. Both practice and on duty. Never a malfunktion nor failure other than a primmer failure = a failure to fire.
    Might be overdue for a malfunktion.
    Bottom line you buy what fits your hands. Practice, practice practice.Become perfishent with that firearm. In day or room Light, low light, or no light. Practice malfunktion drills. Marksmanship both open carry and concieled carry, Get your ccw if you can. And cary the firearm. It will do you no good at home in he safe when you need it. MOVIE THEATER ring a bell. Hope and prey you never have to use it other than practice and takeing game. But if you do you have to use the firearm get the proper training and put the time in and god forbid you need to use it.
    Be safe to all. And remember in california they let out another 9,000 +, nine thousand plus bad guys and gals out onto the streets 8 June 2013. And they do not know why crime is going up.

  23. Justin says:

    Navy seals dont know everthing bud. Know what mags your gun takes b4 you buy it. If you read up on the xd/xdm you would know this. Not all glock mags are interchangeable. I have both glock and xdm as well as sa-xd. They glock is badass but i get bored with the damn ugly there somthing wrong with having a nice looking pistol that is just as dependable. Oh yea my brother is a seal so i can say what i said. And who says the glock trigger is better? They have never shot an xdm.

  24. Jim says:

    I have Glocks and Springfield XD’s and XDM’s. One thing I discovered with the XD (all models) once I started tactical training was the grip safety became a problem when doing dynamic movement and drawing on the move. If I did not have a really good grip the grip safety was not depressed and and the gun would not fire. For this reason I stopped carrying an XD.

    I corrected this by replacing the grip safeties on my XD’s with an aftermarket grip safety that has a bump on it similar to what is found on many 1911′s. This fixed the problem as the grip safety would depress even with a less than perfect grip. I can now carry an XD with confidence that it will fire when it needs to do so.

    Springfield must have figured this out as the grip safety on an XDM does not have the same issue. No matter if I have a less than perfect grip the grip safety is depressed and the gun will fire. Note that I said this only occurred when operating under dynamic movement and high stress. However it is my opinion that this situation is likely to be true if you are being assaulted and have been surprised. The grip safety failing to depress fully seems to be less of an issue for those persons who have large hands.

  25. Drew says:

    I own 5 Glocks…I also own 5 Springfield XDs. I personally carry the XD9 subcompact more than anything else. I really like the features it has over the Glock. IF I want a shallow magazine, it gives me that option. If I want to carry a full sized magazine…I have that option too. My Glock 26 needs a magazine extension due to my little finger hanging off the bottom. It was seriously a $3 part for each magazine, but still…something I had to add to it. I like my Glock 30 for fitting JUST RIGHT. But, say in a situation where I go from shooting strong hand to weak hand and I need to do a magazine change. The ambidextrous magazine release with ALL of my XDs makes that mag change much easier. Also, I can take my light off of my XD9 subcompact and toss it on my XD9 Service model. My Glock 26 doesn’t have room for a light or anything really. No accessory rail. Same with my Glock 30. Now, the Glock 17, 21, and 22 that I own all have a rail.

    Something the presenters didn’t point out is, sure the XD has an exposed striker indicator letting you know that the pistol is ready to engage, but with if you feel the loaded chamber indicator, you will find out if you have a round ready to be fired. The Glock indicator is damn near nonexistent. It can be a low light situation and I can have my rail light on, yet still feel if the XD is ready to go.

    As also pointed out by the Springfield presenter, the Glock trigger can get snagged on anything…including the holster during re-holstering. The DEA Agent from Florida presented that on Youtube when he shot himself in front of a CLASS ROOM OF KIDS doing a “Gun Safety Presentation” that has been seen millions of times. If he would have holstered an XD, would he have shot himself? I would like to think that if the grip safety wasn’t engaged, then yes, he wouldn’t have shot himself.

    Lastly, SLIDE RELEASE. If you get an XD, you can easily send the slide forward one handed in a reload situation. The slide release on a Glock sits more flush with the pistol and isn’t as easy to hit. Field stripping is way easier with an XD as well.

    Again, both are great pistols. But being a firearms dealer/salesman, I usually push the XD more due to the ease of use, safety features, and added items that come with the XD. Would you buy a base model Chevy Silverado or a Fully Loaded Ford F-150 for the same price?

  26. JH says:

    The Sig is also made in the USA, can’t say that for the Glock or the Springfield.

  27. Rick says:

    I know this is a discussion about Glock vs Springfield , but I would like owners of either to examine their slide for country of manufacture. I chose an FNS-9 because it is Made in USA. I feel like we all need to do whatever we can to support the American worker. Just my humble opinion.

  28. Ricky McCann says:

    I’m a former Marine and just a weekend shooter. I shoot a glock 19 and 21 and also an xds 45 and a xdm 45 with 3.8 inch barrel. I won’t compare the block 19, but it is a very fun gun to shoot. My two Springfield’s are very similar in recoil and accuracy and are great guns .
    The xds is my ccw.
    My glock 21 is a little harder to grip than my other guns but it does perform very well. I will say the mag release on the 21 is easier to manipulate
    Shoot often and train hard. DTOM.

  29. Douglas Goodall says:

    On the advice of a friend I purchased an SA XD-9 Subcompact (3″). I liked the feel of the grip better than the block. I hadn’t owned a firearm since I was in the service which was quite some time ago. I really like the XD-9. So far I have had very little trouble with it, all caused by my learning curve. PROs: Easy to operate, easy to break down and clean, fairly accurate. Springfield Armory has given me first rate service, then followed through with a call afterwards to make sure I was happy. I am new to 9mm, and at first it was a lot like an explosion in my hand. After several hundred rounds I got used to this and have gotten very comfortable with the process of methodically re-acquiring target after each shot. The ten round magazine is easy to eject and easy to replace. The action was a little stiff at first, but after some break-in and cleaning, it got smoother. CON s: no thumb safety. The combination of the grip safety and the trigger safety must be considered sufficient. The sights were out of alignment from the factory. I bought a sight pusher which is meant to adjust both the front and rear sights, although I was unable to break free the front sight despite mechanical advantage. The rear sight did shift though and it is much more accurate now.
    Since I am new to this, and cannot speak to the Glock, other than how it felt in my hand, I would recommend the XD-9 Sub-compact as I have found it very stable, easy to shoot, and a good first pistol. I have no regrets that I bought it as opposed to something else. If I lost this one, I would buy another.

  30. Johnny Poptart says:

    I have a glock 26 and an XD 40 and both are great guns. I will say my glock gen 4 sights are much nicer than my XD sights. Maybe optics planet could shoot me over some night sights for my XD on the house ; ) You’ve got my e mail, give me a heads up when they’re being shipped. Lol Sometimes you gotta take a shot in the dark (Some light humor for ya). Stay classy optics planet.
    -Johnny Poptart

    • Jeremy L says:

      Glad you enjoyed the article. As much as we’d like to help you out, we are not able to give products away for free. Keep a look out though, we constantly have sales on products including weapon sights.

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