Crimson Trace’s First Person Defender Series Teaches Real Life Survival

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What do you do if you’re being kidnapped? What if your home is invaded? What if someone just randomly attacks you on the street? If you can’t answer immediately, you may want to check out Crimson Trace’s seriously awesome First Person Defender series.

Crimson Trace is well-known for providing self-defense options in their lasers, instructional DVDs, and more. Now, in conjunction with Gun Talk TV, they are throwing real people into terrifying and realistic situations to teach them the mechanics of defending themselves using Simunition-converted ammo and guns, as well as the awesome Crimson Trace lasers that help people survive every day.

Crimson Trace Springfield XDs LaserGuard Laser Sight

Crimson Trace lasers, like the LaserGuard series, are an important part of self defense.

Each episode hosts a different Defender – an experienced shooter introduced to a scenario they might encounter in everyday life. Take, for example, the Home Invasion video. The Defender’s home is broken in to while the Defender is inside – what do they do? Utilizing unique strategies as well as the tools from Crimson Trace’s arsenal that they need to survive, the Defender – an already experienced shooter – is able to subdue the intruders.

The coolest thing about this series is the realism. Rather than using paintball guns or pellets, they utilize Simunition ammo that deals out a serious sting. This is meant to give weight to the actions of the Defender. Getting hit has meaning.

The Defenders themselves all have experience with firearms, but that does not mean they are initially equipped to handle the scenarios that are presented to them. The Crimson Trace Defender team teaches them real-world use of their shooting skills to give them an edge when adrenaline might normally take over. The videos also run through why the Crimson Trace line of lasers is so good for self defense. The lasers provide both rapid target acquisition as well as an intimidation factor that is unmatched.

The whole First Person Defender series is worth a watch. It’s informative and educational, while pitting people against high stakes and giving them the Crimson Trace tools they need to succeed. Check out the series at Crimson Trace’s website, and be sure to stock up on Crimson Trace gear!

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