Last Minute Gifts: the Browning OPMOD Tactical Executive Set

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Do you have someone tactical in your life? It’s more than just a word – it can be a lifestyle. Now you can make that special someone’s day with the Browning OPMOD Letter Opener and Tactical Pen Set! It’s not too late to grab it for Christmas, and it makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Browning OPMOD Tactical Executive Set

The Browning OPMOD Tactical Executive Set is the perfect gift!

The Browning OPMOD Tactical Exectuive Set includes two tactical, practical components that combine into something more awesome than the sum of its parts:

Browning Black Label Tactical Letter Opener

Slice and dice letters with the Browning Black Label Tactical Letter Opener.

  • The Browning Black Label Letter Opener and Tactical Pen – Forged for use by those strong enough of will and courageous enough of heart, you’ll never spent¬†HOURS¬†ripping open envelopes, only to have the contents come spilling uselessly out. The Browning Black Label letter Opener lets you slice those envelopes open stealthily and quickly, maximizing output and minimizing papercuts. Plus, it comes with a sheath, so you can keep it on you at all times. Those envelopes won’t be able to sneak up on you anymore.
Browning Black Label Tactical Pen

The Browning Black Label Tactical Pen is all metal.

  • The Browning Black Label Tactical Pen – Dot your I’s and cross your T’s by harnassing the awesome power of Browning. This pen is only for those of you who mean business: it’s all metal, and has a durable pocket clip. Plus, its glass-breaking point is ideal for emergency situations and opening windows the awesome way.
OPMOD Pen Sheath

Rounding out the set is the OPMOD Pen Sheath.

  • The OPMOD Pen Sheath – This is an OPMOD exclusive. This Pen Case is more of a sheath – and it rounds the entire set out nicely. Tie the Pen Sheath to the Browning Letter Opener Sheath with the included paracord, and you’ll have access to both the pen and letter opener on the go. The Pen Sheath protects your tools and keeps them close at hand!

There’s not much time left – if you want to grab these for Christmas, you’ll have to act fast! The Browning OPMOD Tactical Exective Set comes in both black and brown.

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