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GG&G B-COMP Mini Red Dot Mounting Platform GGG-1330
$13.49 $18.95 Save 29%
Model: GG&G B-COMP Mini Red Dot Mounting Platform GGG-1330
Code: 2G-RR-BCOMP-GGG-1330
MPN: GGG-1330
UPC: 813157001383
GG&G B-COMP 30mm Ring w/ Red Dot Mounting Platform GGG-1327
$45.79 $54.95 Save 17%
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Code: 2G-RR-BCOMP-GGG-1327
MPN: GGG-1327
UPC: 813157001352
GG&G B-COMP 30mm Ring w/ Mini Red Dot Mount, And Compartment GGG-1326
$76.79 $89.95 Save 15%
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Code: 2G-RR-BCOMP-GGG-1326
MPN: GGG-1326
UPC: 813157001345
GG&G B-COMP 30mm Ring w/ Waterproof Battery Compartment GGG-1329
$36.79 $42.00 Save 12%
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Code: 2G-RR-BCOMP-GGG-1329
MPN: GGG1329
UPC: 813157001376
GG&G B-COMP 30mm Ring w/ Waterproof Battery Compartment GGG-1328
$66.79 $76.95 Save 13%
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Code: 2G-RR-BCOMP-GGG-1328
MPN: GGG-1328
UPC: 813157001369

GG&G B-COMP 30mm Riflescope Ring & Accessories Product Info

The GG&G B-COMP 30mm Scope Ring was developed to fill two needs expressed to us by long range tactical shooters - first, being able to switch to short-range targets quickly, and second, a way to store the small but vital batteries for long-range optics, close to the optic itself. GG&G meets both needs one compact package with the GG&G B-COMP 30mm Ring System. To accommodate the shooters preferences and scope ergonomics, the B-COMP 30mm Ring can be mounted behind or forward of the turrets.

This lightweight scope ring includes an optional removable and ambidextrous red dot mounting platform for lightweight mini red dot scopes like the JPoint, the Doctor Sight and the Trijicon RedDot. Mounted at 45 degrees to the elevation turret, the red dot platform allows the mini red dot to be positioned in such a way that the shooter needs only to slightly roll the rifle to acquire a close range target.

The GG&G BCOMP Scope Ring System also includes an optional removable water tight battery compartment. The unique design will accommodate one of each; (1) 2032 wafer battery commonly used in lit reticle scopes, and (1)1/3N battery, used in the mini red dot optics. It is mounted out of the way and close to the receiver.

The full GG&G 30mm BCOMP Scope Ring includes the scope ring, battery compartment and mini-red dot mounting platform. To provide the ultimate in flexibility to the customer, the GG&G B-COMP 30mm Ring can be purchased with the ring and the mini red dot optic platform or the ring with just the battery compartment. The platform and waterproof battery compartment can also be purchased separately and include the mounting hardware.

All components of the red dot scope mounts are manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and Type III hard anodized matte black per mil-spec. As with all GG&G tactical accessories, the parts of the red dot mount have been dehorned for the shooters safety.

Specifications for GG&G 30mm Rifle Scope Ring:

Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Finish: Type III Hard-coat Anodized Matte Black

Features of GG&G BCOMP Scope Ring and Red Dot Mount:

  • Fully modular kit - scope ring, red dot platform, and battery compartment available separately or together
  • Allows easy switching between short-range red dot and long-range rifle scope
  • Ideal for long-range shooters who need quick short-range capability

Package Contents:

  • GG&G B-COMP Scope Ring / Red Dot Mount Kit (NOTE: components are sold both separately and together - please check your order carefully!)
    • GG&G 30mm Scope Ring
    • Mini Red Dot mount
    • Waterproof battery compartment

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GG&G B-COMP 30mm Riflescope Ring & Accessories Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review 1330- Mini Red Dot Mount by Legacy Reviewer, January 11, 2012
Nice, Cheap($) alternative to mount a small RDS to a scope.. use a tap as i did and mount it to any other set of rings or bases.. Pros: Price Cons: none
1/1 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review Width of Mount by Legacy Reviewer, December 29, 2013
This mount is a no go for a trijicon RMR. It is not wide enough causing the holes to be misaligned for both the RMR and the mount itself. This will not work. Cons: Will not fit Trijicon RMR
Most Recent Review Not as described by bjd1020, August 13, 2014
The product is well made and at an affordable price. I like the battery storage option as well. The only problem is that it does not fit the trijicon RMR as stated in the description. They really need to correct the item description.
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