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Giottos tripod accessories are willing to bend backwards, literally, to give your camera the perfect angle. More than just small bonuses or slight improvements, these tripod accessories can utterly transform your tripod, allowing it to pan, rotate, carry more weight, quickly swap out devices, keep your cameras level, and, in short, give you complete control over every aspect of your camera mounting experience. Ballheads, in particular, are important tripod accessories by Giottos. Giottos ballheads and panheads come in a number of shapes and forms; there are ballheads with quick release plates, ballheads with tension and ball control knobs, rotating panheads with a complete range of motion, and ball heads with sliding plates that can take your camera vertical for a Portrait orientation. Some ball heads have dual threads so you can mount virtually any type of digital camera or camcorder to the plate. Some have cork plates. Others come packaged with all the bells and whistles. Aside from ballheads, you can outfit your Giottos tripod with spike-tipped snowshoe feet, hanging straps for easy storage, carrying handles, repair tool kits, even complete center columns. Whatever else they manufacture, the professionals at Giottos definitely know their way around a tripod, and a Giottos tripod accessory can prove it.